Managing a Distributed Electrical Grid in Real Time with Kafka

Advanced Java/Scala, Basics of JVM build systems, Basics of Docker, Basics of Apache Kafka.
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Fundamentals of IoT stream processing with Kafka Streams, Schema management & evolution with Apache Avro, Building distributed query engine to support real-time energy grids.
Jesse Yates
5 weeks · 6-10 hours per week · INTERMEDIATE
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In this liveProject, you'll take on the role of a backend data engineer working for a rapidly growing startup. Your company installs battery packs for solar panels, as well as IoT devices monitor energy usage. These devices can help users and utilities companies better manage their energy, saving your customers money and providing clean power to the wider grid. You’ve been given a big task: build the infrastructure from the ground up that can handle the streaming events of thousands of these IoT devices. This infrastructure will be expected to scale as your company grows, and so your team has chosen to work with Apache Kafka for stream processing of all the data. Your challenges will include efficiently ingesting IoT events, managing corner cases in IoT data processing, developing fleet-wide monitoring, and providing REST services to answer questions about battery energy capacity.
This project is designed for learning purposes and is not a complete, production-ready application or solution.

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Jesse Yates
Jesse Yates is a Staff Engineer at Tesla and leads the development of real-time stream processing on the Data Platform Team. Prior to Tesla, Jesse created a real-time IoT data startup, helped Salesforce build the first enterprise-grade Apache HBase installation, and consulted on healthcare, defense, and cross-cloud analytic projects. He is also a committer on Apache HBase and a PMC member of Apache Phoenix, both big data storage and query projects.


For developers with several years of Java or Scala experience and an understanding of the core principles of Apache Kafka. Knowledge of web-servers, databases, build systems and Docker will be helpful, but not essential.

  • Intermediate with Java/Scala
  • Basics of Maven, SBT, or other JVM build systems
  • Basics of Docker
  • Basics of Apache Kafka

  • Basics of partitioning and hashing data
  • Basics of pub/sub system design

you will learn

In this liveProject, you’ll learn how to get started with stream processing and master advanced techniques around real-time data access, and streaming fault management.

  • Kafka Streams
  • Fundamentals of IoT stream processing
  • Advanced IoT stream processing techniques
  • Error handling for IoT devices
  • Schema management & evolution with Apache Avro
  • Trading off latency and throughput in Kafka
  • Design patterns for resilient stream processing
  • Evolving real-time processing for real-world use cases
  • Advanced partitioning schemes
  • Distributed, low-latency streaming queries


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project outline


Prerequisites Test

New module

Start Project

1. Ingesting Streaming Events and Realtime Access to Battery State

1.1 Ingesting Streaming Events and Realtime Access to Battery State

Build a Dropwizard Webserver

Avro Schema

Storing Events in a Database

Kafka Streams

Creating the Topology for the Yelling App

1.2 Submit Your Work

2. Edge Cases at Scale

2.1 Edge Cases at Scale

Canonical Data and the Schema Registry

Kafka Producers

Big Messages

2.2 Submit Your Work

3. Insight into Fleet Status

3.1 Insight into Fleet Status

Schema in Raw Topics

Streams and State

3.2 Submit Your Work

4. Helping Users Make Money

4.1 Helping Users Make Money

Joining Streams

KTables and GlobalKTables

Event Streams vs. Update Streams

Constructing the Join

Initializing the Value Transformer

The Record Stream

The Processor API

How Interactive Queries Work

4.2 Submit Your Work

5. Global Pricing and Demand/Response

5.1 Global Pricing and Demand/Response

Managing Tables and History

Building the Test

5.2 Submit Your Work

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