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Event Streams in Action

Real-time event systems with Kafka and Kinesis
Alexander Dean, Valentin Crettaz
  • May 2019
  • ISBN 9781617292347
  • 344 pages
  • printed in black & white
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Clear, precise, detailed, and well written. A must read.

Thorsten P. Weber, Mercateo
Look inside

Event Streams in Action is a foundational book introducing the ULP paradigm and presenting techniques to use it effectively in data-rich environments.

about the technology

Many high-profile applications, like LinkedIn and Netflix, deliver nimble, responsive performance by reacting to user and system events as they occur. In large-scale systems, this requires efficiently monitoring, managing, and reacting to multiple event streams. Tools like Kafka, along with innovative patterns like unified log processing, help create a coherent data processing architecture for event-based applications.

about the book

Event Streams in Action teaches you techniques for aggregating, storing, and processing event streams using the unified log processing pattern. In this hands-on guide, you’ll discover important application designs like the lambda architecture, stream aggregation, and event reprocessing. You’ll also explore scaling, resiliency, advanced stream patterns, and much more! By the time you’re finished, you’ll be designing large-scale data-driven applications that are easier to build, deploy, and maintain.

what's inside

  • Validating and monitoring event streams
  • Event analytics
  • Methods for event modeling
  • Examples using Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis

about the reader

For readers with experience coding in Java, Scala, or Python.

about the author

Alexander Dean developed Snowplow, an open source event processing and analytics platform. Valentin Crettaz is an independent IT consultant with 25 years of experience.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

A brilliant, progressive introduction to event streaming and related technologies.

Cosimo Attanasi, ER Sistemi

A fantastic book covering the why, what, and how of data streams. Excellent tips and practical advice from the trenches.

Miguel Eduardo Gil Biraud, Minddistrict

With practical code examples that translate well across environments, languages, and disciplines, this is your springboard into real-world event streaming.

Bartosz "Azatar" Solowiej, pSilent Partners