Centralized Logging in the Cloud with Elasticsearch and Kibana you own this product

intermediate Terraform • intermediate Bash scripting • intermediate AWS Cloud
skills learned
create and maintain virtual infrastructures • work with application logs from Elasticsearch and Fluentd
Christopher Love, Eugen Cocalea
5 weeks · 7-10 hours per week · INTERMEDIATE

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I found it very exciting, albeit very challenging... I've learned a lot and have ideas on how to use what I have learned.

Christian Kreutzer-Beck
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Accurate and reliable logging is the cornerstone of good DevOps, allowing developers to easily spot problems and speed up their development processes. In this liveProject, you’ll learn to deliver cloud-based logging by stepping into the role of an SRE for an online retail startup.

You’ll go hands-on to deliver a cost-effective solution that gathers site logs in a central place in real time, then allows users to interact with those logs through an application interface. Your challenges include building your application infrastructure, creating the configuration to send logs to AWS Elasticsearch, and deploying an Elasticsearch cluster on EC2 instances. By the time you’ve completed your project, you’ll be able to use AWS, Terraform, and more to deliver log access and availability—an essential part of any IT infrastructure.

You’ll be able to complete this liveProject with just the resources provided by the free tier of AWS.

This project is designed for learning purposes and is not a complete, production-ready application or solution.

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Very interesting project; many different technologies and experience gained.

Kosmas Chatzimichalis

project authors

Eugen Cocalea
Eugen Cocalea is a veteran systems administrator with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Eugen has a special interest in Linux/Unix and DevOps practices and processes, with a working knowledge of AWS/GCP/Azure, Terraform, Puppet/Chef/Ansible, Groovy, CI/CD tools and scripting, and more. He works as a solutions architect at OpsGuru.
Christopher Love
Chris Love is a Google Cloud Certified Hybrid Multi-Cloud Fellow and a co-founder of Lionkube. He is the author of the Manning publication Core Kubernetes. Chris has over 25 years of software and IT engineering experience with companies including Google, Oracle, VMWare, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, and others. As a thought leader within Kubernetes and the DevOps community, Chris has contributed to many open-source projects including Kubernetes, kops (former AWS SIG lead), Bazel (contributed to Kubernetes rules), and Terraform (an early contributor to the VMware plugin). His professional interests include IT culture transformation, containerization technologies, automated testing frameworks and practices, Kubernetes, Go, and other programming languages. Chris also enjoys speaking around the world about DevOps, Kubernetes, and technology, as well as mentoring people in the IT and software industry.


This liveProject is for intermediate SREs who have experience with cloud providers and basic scripting. To begin this liveProject you should be familiar with the following:

  • Intermediate Terraform
  • Intermediate Bash scripting
  • Intermediate AWS Cloud
  • Basic Docker
  • Basic Elastic
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Infrastructure deployment

you will learn

In this liveProject, you’ll learn to use Terraform to create and maintain virtual infrastructures, package applications as containers, and work with application logs from Elasticsearch and Fluentd.

  • Write code that will create EC2 machines to support running company applications
  • Create a centralized logging infrastructure in AWS
  • Build and deploy multiple application environments for different software development processes
  • Create queries that will return targeted logs from log indexes
  • Ingest, store, and analyze application logs with Elasticsearch
  • Collect, filter, and output application logs with Fluentd
  • Search logs with Kibana
  • Create and maintain virtual infrastructure with Terraform


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