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Exploring Algorithms you own this product

With chapters selected by Marcello La Rocca
  • ISBN 9781617299681
  • 106 pages
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Algorithms are the backbone of all programming and govern how your programs process and store data. Solving many programming problems is often just a matter of picking the right algorithms for the job. Discover tested and proven algorithms for AI, big data, and more with this free mini ebook!

about the book

Exploring Algorithms showcases chapters from three Manning books chosen by author and algorithm expert Marcello La Rocca. In the first chapter, you’ll delve into evolutionary algorithms, which draw on our knowledge of biological evolution to solve difficult machine learning problems. Next, you’ll examine a data structure designed expressly to tackle the (in)famous nearest neighbor problem. The last chapter spotlights ways to transform fundamental algorithms and data structures into ones that scale well to large datasets. Glimpse the tip of the algorithm iceberg with this free mini ebook!

what's inside

  • "Evolutionary Algorithms" – Chapter 4 from Grokking Artificial Intelligence Algorithms by Rishal Hurbans
  • "K-d Trees: Multidimensional Data Indexing" – Chapter 9 from Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures by Marcello La Rocca
  • "Introduction" – Chapter 1 from Algorithms and Data Structures for Massive Datasets by Dzejla Medjedovic, Emin Tahirovic, and Ines Dedovic

about the author

Marcello La Rocca is a research scientist and a full-stack engineer focused on optimization algorithms, genetic algorithms, machine learning and quantum computing. He has contributed to large-scale web applications at companies like Twitter and Microsoft, has undertaken applied research in both academia and industry, and authored the Neatsort adaptive sorting algorithm.

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