Elasticsearch in Action you own this product

Radu Gheorghe, Matthew Lee Hinman, and Roy Russo
  • November 2015
  • ISBN 9781617291623
  • 496 pages
  • printed in black & white
  • Available translations: Korean, Simplified Chinese

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Look inside

Elasticsearch in Action teaches you how to build scalable search applications using Elasticsearch. You'll ramp up fast, with an informative overview and an engaging introductory example. Within the first few chapters, you'll pick up the core concepts you need to implement basic searches and efficient indexing. With the fundamentals well in hand, you'll go on to gain an organized view of how to optimize your design. Perfect for developers and administrators building and managing search-oriented applications.

about the technology

Modern search seems like magic'you type a few words and the search engine appears to know what you want. With the Elasticsearch real-time search and analytics engine, you can give your users this magical experience without having to do complex low-level programming or understand advanced data science algorithms. You just install it, tweak it, and get on with your work.

about the book

Elasticsearch in Action teaches you how to write applications that deliver professional quality search. As you read, you'll learn to add basic search features to any application, enhance search results with predictive analysis and relevancy ranking, and use saved data from prior searches to give users a custom experience. This practical book focuses on Elasticsearch's REST API via HTTP. Code snippets are written mostly in bash using cURL, so they're easily translatable to other languages.

what's inside

  • What is a great search application?
  • Building scalable search solutions
  • Using Elasticsearch with any language
  • Configuration and tuning

about the reader

This book is for developers and administrators building and managing search-oriented applications.

about the authors

Radu Gheorghe is a search consultant and software engineer. Matthew Lee Hinman develops highly available, cloud-based systems. Roy Russo is a specialist in predictive analytics.

To understand how a modern search infrastructure works is a daunting task. Radu, Matt, and Roy make it an engaging, hands-on experience.

Sen Xu, Twitter Inc.

An indispensable guide to the challenges of search of semi-structured data.

Artur Nowak, Evidence Prime

The best resource for a complex topic. Highly recommended.

Daniel Beck, juris GmbH

Took me from confused to confident in a week.

Alan McCann, Givsum.com