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Mauricio Salatino
  • MEAP began September 2021
  • Publication in Early 2023 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617299322
  • 230 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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A great intro to best practices regarding continuous delivery in the cloud.

Rahul Jain
Look inside
Take the fast track in your journey to continuous delivery, with open source tools for Kubernetes and cloud applications. This book explores the tools and techniques you’ll need to overcome common cloud native challenges.

In Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes you will learn how to:

  • Select the right open source project to solve challenges with your Kubernetes application
  • Package, version, distribute and instant cloud native services using Helm
  • Create and run pipelines using Tekton
  • Plan and implement a multicloud strategy with Crossplane
  • Implement risk-free and progressive upgrades with Knative
  • Utilize Knative for serving, routing, and event-driven applications
  • Automate testing, even when you don’t have all your services up and running
  • Troubleshoot and measure application performance

Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes lays out a toolbox of free, open source projects you can use to implement continuous delivery for Kubernetes-based applications in the cloud. Each chapter covers a different project, clearly demonstrating how it simplifies essential CD tasks like packaging, building pipelines, and multi-cloud deployment. This book shows developers and architects confidently identify common patterns in successful open source tools so they can pick the right options for their own platforms.

about the technology

Continuous delivery practices help your team quickly introduce, iterate on, and deploy new features so you can get software into production quickly. The tools in this book help facilitate continuous delivery practices by solving the technical and architectural challenges commonly found when adopting Kubernetes, automating essential dev and deployment tasks, and improving your team’s collaboration.

about the book

Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes accelerates development of cloud-based systems with vibrant open source tools of the Kubernetes ecosystem. You’ll use powerful open source projects like Helm, Tekton, Knative, and Crossplane to automate your projects from testing through delivery. Learn how to package services, build and deploy services to a Kubernetes cluster, and combine different tools to solve the complex challenges of CD in a cloud native environment.

about the reader

For developers and software architects familiar with the basics of containers and Kubernetes.

about the author

Mauricio Salatino is a staff engineer at VMware, where he works for the Knative project. He has previously worked as a Kubernetes trainer for LearnK8s, and as a senior software engineer for Red Hat/JBoss in the Business Automation R&D department. Mauricio is an active open-source contributor for different projects, including Jenkins X, Spring Cloud, and JHipster, a three-time speaker at Kubecon, and has been involved in the Kubernetes community since 2016.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

The material is really excellent: the explanations are clear and the illustrative examples are practical and relevant.

Alain Lompo

A great soup-to-nuts book for learning about CD for Kubernetes-native applications.

Kent Spillner