Acing the USACO Bronze Competition

Zachi Baharav
  • ISBN 9781633438118
  • 350 pages (estimated)
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Everything you need to succeed in the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) Bronze!

The USA Computing Olympiad Bronze Division (USACO) is a fantastic way to distinguish yourself as a top candidate for colleges, talent hunters, and employers. Every year, this competition poses tough programming challenges to find the best of the best among thousands of high school students and other early career coders.

In Acing the USACO Bronze Competition, you’ll learn how to:

  • Unpack and solve problems
  • Visualize problems to find insights and solutions
  • Recognize and navigate problems with searching, modeling, and geometry
  • Handle problems with strings as collections of characters and as labels
  • Get unstuck with debugging and exploring algorithms
  • Code in the style and form appropriate for competitive programming
  • Expand your skills for more advanced coding competitions

Acing the USACO Bronze Competition is a complete preparation guide to the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) Bronze division. Inside, you’ll find clear notes and explanations for every type of USACO Bronze problem. Concepts are organized by theme helping you see connections among problems and apply your skills in flexible ways. You’ll start with the basics and build up to the harder problems until you’re ready to ace the competition!

about the book

Acing the USACO Bronze Competition shows you how to succeed in the fast and furious world of competitive programming. It demystifies the USACO and programming competitions, and teaches you to find the joy in competition that will take you all the way to the top.

The book will help you build exactly the skills you need to pass the Bronze qualification. Each problem is sketched out with entertaining and informative illustrations so they’ll stick with you in the competitive USACO environment. You’ll learn multiple ways to solve any problem the competition throws at you. Most importantly, you’ll learn what not to do: how to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that trip up lesser programmers. You’ll quickly become ready to earn your Bronze badge, move on to succeeding at Silver, and even try your luck at wider competitions.

about the reader

For high school students and early-career programmers who know Python, Java, or C++.

about the author

Dr. Zachi Baharav received his Ph.D. in Electrical-Engineering from the Technion, Israel. After working in the Silicon Valley high-tech industry in research and executive management, he became an educator. He served as a Professor of Computer Science followed by 6 years as a high school teacher. Dr. Baharav has more than 30 issued US patents, published over 40 scientific papers and chapters, has given numerous keynote speeches at professional conferences, and served as a distinguished lecturer and a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.