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How to Think About Solving a Maze you own this product

This free project is part of the liveProject series Think Computationally with Five Small Python Projects
beginner Python • basics of data structures, branching constructs, and looping structures
skills learned
implementing a wall-following algorithm • testing and debugging code • appropriate data structures • understanding algorithms, including edge cases
Ana Bell
1 week · 3-5 hours per week · BEGINNER

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This free project is part of the liveProject series Think Computationally with Five Small Python Projects explore series
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In this quick liveProject, you’ll design and implement an algorithm to solve a simple maze, revealing a path to the exit.

project author

Ana Bell
Dr. Ana Bell is a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. She has co-lectured two introductory computer science courses in Python for the past five years. She was first introduced to Python in graduate school at Princeton University, where she started using it to parse and reformat large files in her research and found it to be an intuitive language to learn and use. Since then, she's used it for work and personal tasks, and most recently started tinkering with various data science libraries.


These liveProjects are for beginner Python programmers with a basic mastery of the language, and an understanding of common Python libraries. To begin these liveProjects, you will need to be familiar with the following:

  • Basics of Python
  • Basics of pandas
  • Basic data structures and algorithms
  • Recursive functions

you will learn

In these liveProjects, you’ll learn important Python skills that will take you from a beginner to an intermediate programmer. These skills are an excellent foundation for data science, app development, and scripting.

  • Common Python libraries
  • MIMEMultipart messages
  • Simulating probability with random libraries
  • Creating a UI window, canvas, and adding and manipulating objects
  • Brute-force solutions
  • Dealing with missing or bad data
  • Plotting columns in a data frame


You choose the schedule and decide how much time to invest as you build your project.
Project roadmap
Each project is divided into several achievable steps.
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While within the liveProject platform, get help from other participants.
Compare with others
For each step, compare your deliverable to the solutions by the author and other participants.