Delivery Notes Data Entry Automation With Python

Data extraction, Automated input, PDF, Python, Web entry
Eduardo Freitas
3 weeks · 4-6 hours per week
In this liveProject you’ll step into the shoes of a developer at PharmaChain Iberia, a pharmaceutical supply chain company. A big global competitor has recently set up shop in your region and has been steadily gaining market share, thanks to hyper efficient business process automation in its supply lines. This automation service can receive and read delivery notes ten times faster than the admin staff in your company—and you need to innovate fast to keep your status as the regional market leader. You’ve been tasked with implementing your own company-wide automation solution, using Python to automate your processes. To achieve this, you’ll use Python to iterate through subfolders of your current text-based PDFs and PDF form files and extract field keys and values. You’ll write scripts that can identify field IDs on web forms that correspond to the PDF documents, and automatically populate the web forms with information extracted from your PDFs—no manual data entry needed! Finally, you’ll prepare a report detailing your conclusions for your manager at PharmaChain.

project author

Ed Freitas
Ed is a technology enthusiast, software architect, and customer success advocate. He's designed enterprise .NET and Python solutions that extract, validate, and automate critical business processes. He's designed and supported production systems for global names. He also loves to write about cutting-edge technologies in his books. He loves helping customers succeed. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors. He loves running and sports.


The liveProject is for intermediate Python programmers who are familiar with the basics of information extraction. To begin this liveProject, you will need to be familiar with:

  • Intermediate Python
  • Basic pip
  • Basic browser development tools
  • Basics of handling PDFs

you will learn

In this liveProject you’ll learn to automate repetitive manual data processes using Python and the most popular Python automation libraries.

  • File type identification
  • Text and field extraction from PDFs
  • Web page resource identification
  • Dynamically assigning values to web form fields using autogenerated JavaScript


You choose the schedule and decide how much time to invest as you build your project.
Project roadmap
Each project is divided into several achievable steps.
Peer support
Chat with other participants within the liveProject platform.
Compare with others
For each step, compare your deliverable to the solutions by the author and other participants.
Book and video resources
Excerpts from Manning books and videos are included, as well as references to other resources.

project outline


Prerequisites Test

Get Started

1. Iterating Through Subfolders and Identifying PDFs

1.1. Getting a List of PDFs for Data Extraction

1.2. PDFs Inside-out

1.3. Submit Your Work


2. Extracting Fields from PDFs

2.1. Identifying and Reading Fields from PDFs

2.2. Working with Existing PDFs

2.3. Submit Your Work


3. Data Entry Automation on Web Pages

3.1. Automatically Filling in Fields on Web Forms

3.2. Working the DOM

3.3. Submit Your Work



Project Conclusions


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