Testing Microservices with Mountebank
Brandon Byars
  • December 2018
  • ISBN 9781617294778
  • 240 pages
  • printed in black & white

A complete and practical introduction to service virtualization using Mountebank, with lots of usable examples.

Alain Couniot
Testing Microservices with Mountebank is your guide to the ins and outs of testing microservices with service virtualization. The book offers unique insights into microservices application design and state-of-the-art testing practices that will deepen your microservices skills and improve your applications.

About the Technology

Even if you lab test each service in isolation, it’s challenging—and potentially dangerous—to test a live microservices system that’s changing and growing. Fortunately, you can use Mountebank to “imitate” the components of a distributed microservices application to give you a good approximation of the runtime conditions as you test individual services.

About the book

Testing Microservices with Mountebank introduces the powerful practice of service virtualization. In it, author Brandon Byars, Mountebank’s creator, offers unique insights into microservices application design and state-of-the-art testing practices. You’ll expand your understanding of microservices as you work with Mountebank’s imposters, responses, behaviors, and programmability. By mastering the powerful testing techniques in this unique book, your microservices skills will deepen and your applications will improve. For real.

What's inside

  • The core concepts of service virtualization
  • Testing using canned responses
  • Programming Mountebank
  • Performance testing

About the reader

Written for developers familiar with SOA or microservices systems.

About the author

Brandon Byars is the author and chief maintainer of Mountebank and a principal consultant at ThoughtWorks.

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