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Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs you own this product

How to make good programming decisions
Tomasz Lelek and Jon Skeet
  • MEAP began June 2021
  • Publication in April 2022 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617299209
  • 391 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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I can say with confidence that 100% of software developers ask themselves at least one question addressed in this book.

Nelson González
Look inside
Optimize the decisions that define your code by exploring the common mistakes and intentional tradeoffs made by expert developers

In Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs you will learn how to:

  • Reason about your systems to make intuitive and better design decisions
  • Understand consequences and how to balance tradeoffs
  • Pick a proper library for your problem
  • Thoroughly analyze all of your service’s dependencies
  • Understand delivery semantics and how they influence distributed architecture
  • Design and execute performance tests to detect code hot paths and validate a system’s SLA
  • Optimize code hot paths to get the most improvement efficiently
  • Understand tight/loose coupling and how it influences coordination of work between teams
  • Clarify requirements until they are precise, easily implemented, and easily tested
  • Optimize your APIs for friendly user experience

In Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs you’ll learn from costly mistakes that Tomasz Lelek and Jon Skeet have encountered over their impressive careers. You’ll explore real-world scenarios where poor understanding of tradeoffs lead to major problems down the road, to help you make better design decisions. Plus, with a little practice, you’ll be able to avoid the pitfalls that trip up even the most experienced developers.

about the technology

Code performance versus simplicity. Delivery speed versus duplication. Flexibility versus maintainability—every decision you make in software engineering involves balancing tradeoffs. Often, decisions that look good at the design stage can prove problematic in practice. This book reveals the questions you need to be asking to make the right decisions for your own software tradeoffs.

about the book

Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs teaches you how to make better decisions about designing, planning, and implementing applications. You’ll analyze real-world scenarios where the wrong tradeoff decisions were made, and discover what could have been done differently. The book lays out the pros and cons of different approaches and explores evergreen patterns that will always be relevant to software design.

You’ll understand the consequences of certain decisions, like how code duplication impacts the coupling and evolution speed of your systems and how simple-sounding requirements can have hidden nuances with respect to date and time information. Discover how to efficiently narrow your optimization scope according to 80/20 Pareto principles and ensure consistency in your distributed systems. You’ll soon be able to apply the author’s hard-won experience to your own projects to pre-empt mistakes and take a more thoughtful approach to decision making.

about the reader

From mid-level developers to senior architects who make everyday decisions about software.

about the author

Tomasz Lelek has years of experience working with various production services, architectures, and programming languages. He has designed systems that handle tens of millions of unique users and hundreds of thousands of operations per second. Currently, he designs developer tools for DataStax, a company that builds products around Cassandra Database.

Jon Skeet is a staff developer relations engineer at Google, currently working on the Google Cloud Client Libraries for .NET. His contributions to open source include the NodaTime date and time library for .NET, and he's famous for his contributions to Stack Overflow. Jon is also the author of Manning’s C# in Depth, currently in its fourth edition.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

The code examples are good enough that even if you don't have experience with Java—you can still understand what the authors are trying to convey.

John Henry Galino

Tomasz Lelek and Jon Skeet are here to guide developers through the minefield of software engineering.

Gilles Iachelini

Reading this book will make you wiser and turn you into the Yoda of the Software Engineering biz!

Gregory Varghese

If you need a book to learn how to think like a better programmer...then this is the book.

Alex Saez

This book is vital for every developer, from beginner to advanced, to improve your code quality and resolve common problems.

Andres Sacco

This book holds valuable information and tips every programmer should know before doing bigger software projects.

Robert Trausmuth