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Morgan Bruce, Paulo A. Pereira
  • October 2018
  • ISBN 9781617294457
  • 392 pages
  • printed in black & white
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The one [and only] book on implementing microservices with a real-world, cover-to-cover example you can relate to.

Christian Bach, Swiss Re
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Microservices in Action is a practical book about building and deploying microservice-based applications. Written for developers and architects with a solid grasp of service-oriented development, it tackles the challenge of putting microservices into production.

about the technology

Invest your time in designing great applications, improving infrastructure, and making the most out of your dev teams. Microservices are easier to write, scale, and maintain than traditional enterprise applications because they’re built as a system of independent components. Master a few important new patterns and processes, and you’ll be ready to develop, deploy, and run production-quality microservices.

about the book

Microservices in Action teaches you how to write and maintain microservice-based applications. Created with day-to-day development in mind, this informative guide immerses you in real-world use cases from design to deployment. You’ll discover how microservices enable an efficient continuous delivery pipeline, and explore examples using Kubernetes, Docker, and Google Container Engine.

what's inside

  • An overview of microservice architecture
  • Building a delivery pipeline
  • Best practices for designing multi-service transactions and queries
  • Deploying with containers
  • Monitoring your microservices

about the reader

Written for intermediate developers familiar with enterprise architecture and cloud platforms like AWS and GCP.

about the authors

Morgan Bruce and Paulo A. Pereira are experienced engineering leaders. They work daily with microservices in a production environment, using the techniques detailed in this book.

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A perfect fit for those who want to move their majestic monolith to a scalable microservice architecture.

Akshat Paul, McKinsey & Company

Shows not only how to write microservices, but also how to prepare your business and infrastructure for this change.

Maciej Jurkowski, Grupa Pracuj

A deep dive into microservice development with many real and useful examples.

Antonio Pessolano, Consoft Sistemi