Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches you own this product

Iain Foulds
  • August 2018
  • ISBN 9781617295171
  • 384 pages

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Microsoft recommends this book as a high-quality resource for learning Microsoft Azure.

You don't need to learn everything about Azure to do some incredible stuff. Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches gets you started by breaking down the most important concepts and tasks into 21 bite-sized lessons, complete with examples, exercises, and labs. You'll be productive immediately, and when you finish you'll be well on the way to Azure mastery!

This book is one of two products included in the Getting Started with Azure bundle. Get the entire bundle for only $39.99.

about the technology

With hundreds of features and prebuilt services, the Microsoft Azure cloud platform is vast and powerful. To master it, you need a trustworthy guide. In this hands-on book, Microsoft engineer and Azure trainer Iain Foulds focuses on the core skills you need to create and maintain cloud-based applications.

about the book

Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches teaches you the foundational techniques for writing, deploying, and running cloud-based applications in Azure. In it, you’ll master the basics, including setting up cloud-based virtual machines, deploying web servers, and using hosted data stores. As you work through the book’s 21 carefully planned lessons, you’ll explore big-picture concerns like security, scaling, and automation.You’ll even dabble in Azure’s prebuilt services for machine containers, and serverless computing!

what's inside

  • Getting started, from your first login
  • Writing and deploying web servers
  • Securing your applications and data
  • Automating your environment
  • Azure services for machine learning, serverless computing, and more

about the reader

Readers should be able to write and deploy simple web or client/server applications.

about the author

Iain Foulds is an engineer and senior content developer with Microsoft. .

A great way to understand the breadth of Azure offerings by following a concise, activity-focused approach.

Dave Corun, Avanade

Excellent introduction to Azure with many hands-on examples. Covers a broad range of current topics.

Sven Stumpf, ING-DiBa

An incredible, information- packed book for learning both core and advanced Azure concepts in a month!

Sushil Sharma, Galvanize

Azure is like an ocean. This book keeps you afloat by providing a month of lessons rich in practice and examples.

Roman Levchenko, Microsoft MVP