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Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches, Second Edition
Iain Foulds
  • MEAP began October 2019
  • Publication in Spring 2020 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617297625
  • 375 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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Iain Foulds does a great job of taking something as large as Azure and breaks it apart into smaller parts that are easy to understand and learn.

Glen Thompson
You can be incredibly productive with Azure without mastering every feature, function, and service. Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches, Second Edition gets you up and running quickly, teaching you the most important concepts and tasks in 21 practical bite-sized lessons. As you explore the examples, exercises, and labs, you'll pick up valuable skills immediately and take your first steps to Azure mastery! This fully-revised new edition covers core changes to the Azure UI, new Azure features, Azure containers, and the upgraded Azure Kubernetes Service.
Table of Contents detailed table of contents

1 Before you begin

1.1 Is this book for you?

1.2 How to use this book

1.2.1 The main chapters

1.2.2 Try it now

1.2.3 Hands-on labs

1.2.4 Source code and supplementary materials

1.3 Creating your lab environment

1.3.1 Creating a free Azure account

1.3.2 Bonus lab exercise: Create a free GitHub account

1.4 A little helping hand

1.5 Understanding the Azure platform

1.5.1 Virtualization in Azure

1.5.2 Management tools

Part 1: Azure core services

2 Creating a virtual machine

2.1 Virtual machine configuration basics

2.1.1 Regions and availability options

2.1.2 VM images

2.1.3 VM sizes

2.1.4 Azure storage

2.1.5 Virtual networking

2.2 Create an SSH key pair for authentication

2.3 Creating a VM from your web browser

2.4 Connecting to the VM, and installing the web server

2.4.1 Connecting to the VM with SSH

2.4.2 Installing the web server

2.5 Allowing web traffic to reach the VM

2.5.1 Creating a rule to allow web traffic

2.5.2 Viewing the web server in action

2.6 Lab: Creating a Windows VM

2.7 Cleaning up resources

2.8 Houston, we have a problem

3 Azure Web Apps

3.1 Azure Web Apps overview and concepts

3.1.1 Supported languages and environments

3.1.2 Staging different versions with deployment slots

3.1.3 App Service plans

3.2 Creating a web app

3.2.1 Creating a basic web app

3.2.2 Deploying a sample HTML site

3.3 Managing web apps

3.3.1 Viewing diagnostic logs

3.4 Lab: Creating and using a deployment slot

4 Introduction to Azure Storage

4.1 Managed Disks

4.1.1 OS disks

4.1.2 Temporary disks and data disks

4.1.3 Disk-caching options

4.2 Adding disks to a VM

4.3 Azure Storage

4.3.1 Table storage

4.3.2 Queue storage

4.3.3 Storage availability and redundancy

4.4 Lab: Exploring Azure Storage

4.4.1 VM-focused

4.4.2 Developer-focused

5 Azure Networking basics

Part 2: High availability and scale

6 Azure Resource Manager

7 High availability and redundancy

8 Load-balancing applications

9 Applications that scale

10 Global databases with Cosmos DB

11 Managing network traffic and routing

12 Monitoring and troubleshooting

Part 3: Secure by default

13 Backup, recovery, and replication

14 Data encryption

15 Securing information with Azure Key Vault

16 Azure Security Center and updates

Part 4: The cool stuff

17 Machine learning and artificial intelligence

18 Azure Automation

19 Azure containers

20 Azure and the Internet of Things

21 Serverless computing

About the Technology

With hundreds of features and prebuilt services, the Microsoft Azure cloud platform is vast and powerful. To get started, you need a trustworthy guide. In this hands-on book, Microsoft engineer and Azure trainer Iain Foulds focuses on the core skills you need to create and maintain cloud-based applications.

About the book

Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches, Second Edition teaches you the most important skills you’ll need to write, deploy, and run cloud-based applications in Azure. In this fully updated and new edition, you’ll get hands-on practice with the basics, including setting up cloud-based virtual machines, deploying web servers, and using hosted data stores. As you work through the book’s 21 carefully planned lessons, you’ll explore big-picture concerns like security, scaling, and automation. You’ll even dabble in Azure’s prebuilt services for containers, Internet of Things, and serverless computing and enjoy expanded coverage of the Azure Kubernetes Service.

What's inside

  • Understand Azure beyond point-and-click processes
  • Getting started, from your first login
  • Writing and deploying web servers
  • Securing your applications and data
  • Automating your environment
  • Azure services for machine learning, containers, and more

About the reader

Readers should be able to write and deploy simple web or client/server applications.

About the author

Iain Foulds is an engineer and senior content developer with Microsoft.

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