Kubernetes Native Microservices with Quarkus, and MicroProfile
John Clingan and Ken Finnigan
  • MEAP began November 2020
  • Publication in Summer 2021 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617298653
  • 425 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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Packed with invaluable informations about best practices as well as top notch technologies for building modern, microservice based enterprise applications. Read it to stay ahead and build highly performant software.

Alain Lompo
Build fast, efficient Kubernetes-based Java applications using the Quarkus framework, MicroProfile, and Java standards.

Most popular Java frameworks, like Spring, were designed long before the advent of Kubernetes and cloud-native systems. A new generation of tools, including Quarkus and MicroProfile have been cloud-native and Kubernetes-aware from the beginning. Kubernetes Native Microservices with Quarkus, and MicroProfile teaches you how to create efficient enterprise Java applications that are easy to deploy, maintain, and expand.

In Kubernetes Native Microservices with Quarkus, and MicroProfile you’ll learn how to:

  • Deploy enterprise Java applications on Kubernetes
  • Develop applications using the Quarkus runtime framework
  • Compile natively using GraalVM for blazing speed
  • Create efficient microservices applications
  • Take advantage of MicroProfile specifications

About the Technology

Modern enterprise Java applications have embraced microservices, containers, Kubernetes, and a cloud-native approach. The Quarkus framework, developed at Red Hat, is designed for this deployment model, making cloud-native application development in Java much easier than it is on Spring or other older platforms. Quarkus applications compiled natively to GraalVM can deliver extremely fast runtimes, potentially improving performance by 100x or more.

About the book

Kubernetes Native Microservices with Quarkus, and MicroProfile introduces a modern approach to enterprise Java development using new tools designed for cloud-native applications. This book begins by exploring the impact Kubernetes and cloud systems have on your application design. Then, it quickly guides you through setting up an application using MicroProfile APIs, Kubernetes, and Quarkus. Using carefully selected examples and crystal-clear explanations, it guides you step by step from design to deployment.

Written by veteran Java developers John Clingan and Ken Finnigan, this book oozes with experience and insight. You’ll look past the ideal-but-untested advice you find in many books on new technologies and see how Kubernetes-native development with Quarkus and MicroProfile work in the real world.

About the reader

Written for intermediate Java developers comfortable with Java EE, Jakarta EE, or Spring. Assumes some prior exposure to Docker and Kubernetes. No experience with Quarkus or MicroProfile required.

About the authors

John Clingan is a senior principal product manager at Red Hat. At Red Hat John works on next generation platforms including Quarkus. He is a co-founder of Eclipse MicroProfile, MicroProfile committer, and MicroProfile co-lead. Ken Finnigan is a senior principal software engineer and Eclipse MicroProfile technical architect at Red Hat. He’s the co-founder of Eclipse MicroProfile and a MicroProfile committer.

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