From Data to Deliverables with R
With chapters selected by Jonathan Carroll
  • July 2020
  • ISBN 9781617298110
  • 103 pages
Spreadsheets are great for displaying, sorting, and producing quick summaries of data. But more sophisticated data tasks require more sophisticated tools—like the programming language R. R is a powerful and open source language design for statistical computing, and widely used across academia and industry. It can handle much larger datasets than any spreadsheet, can calculate and automate much faster, offers more advanced visualization, and—perhaps best of all—its code is reproducible. Bottom line: R improves your workflow, saving you time and effort while providing meaningful data analysis and reports.

About the book

From Data to Deliverables with R is a collection of chapters from three Manning books, selected by author and data science practitioner Jonathan Carroll. You’ll start with an overview of common data structures in R and how they relate to spreadsheets, and then explore different ways of combining groups of data. You’ll walk through useful ways to inspect your data with summary statistics and visualization, and learn how to easily generate dynamic reports from your analysis in several formats directly from R. This straightforward sampler is a great first step to transitioning from spreadsheets for your data analysis tasks to more sophisticated, reproducible processes with R.
Table of Contents detailed table of contents


Part 1: Combining data values

Combining data values

5.1 Simple collections

5.2 Sequences

5.3 Matrices

5.4 Lists

5.5 data.frames

5.6 Classes

5.7 Try it yourself

5.8 Terminology

Part 2: Exploring data

Exploring data

3.1 Using summary statistics to spot problems

3.2 Spotting problems using graphics and visualization

Part 3: Creating dynamic reports

Creating dynamic reports

22.1 A template approach to reports

22.2 Creating dynamic reports with R and Markdown

22.3 Creating dynamic reports with R and LaTeX

22.4 Creating dynamic reports with R and Open Document

22.5 Creating dynamic reports with R and Microsoft Word

What's inside

  • “Combining data values” - Chapter 5 from Beyond Spreadsheets with R by Jonathan Carroll
  • “Exploring data” - Chapter 3 from Practical Data Science with R, Second Edition by Nina Zumel and John Mount
  • “Creating dynamic reports” - Chapter 22 from R in Action, Second Edition by Robert I. Kabacoff

About the author

Dr. Jonathan Carroll is a data science consultant providing R programming services. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics.

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