Exploring Natural Language Processing you own this product

With chapters selected by Hobson Lane
  • July 2020
  • ISBN 9781617297342
  • 101 pages

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Natural Language Processing, a machine’s ability to understand written or spoken text, is an exciting technology that is making a huge impact on our everyday lives, both personally and professionally. Personal virtual assistants, email autocorrect, spam filters, online chatbots, and real-time translators are all made possible because of advances in NLP. Continuously improving in dealing with the subtleties of human communication, such as inferring meaning from context and discerning emotions and sentiment, this incredible technology is even being trusted in such sensitive areas as aircraft maintenance and predictive police work. With its limitless possible applications, NLP promises to significantly shape our lives, now and far into the future.

about the book

In Exploring Natural Language Processing, author and NLP engineer Hobson Lane has combined four chapters from Manning books that introduce you to this amazing technology. You’ll learn basic NLP concepts, including the impact of deep learning on NLP, and take a look at a few methods used to process language. You’ll explore word vectors—numerical representations of word meanings—to identify synonyms, antonyms, or words that belong to the same category. In a chapter on sequential labeling and language models, you’ll learn how these NLP processes help with tasks including linguistic analysis, speech recognition, and image captioning. You’ll also delve into mapping one text sequence to another with a neural network, and using encoder-decoder model architectures for translation and chat. This interesting and informative sampler will inspire you with ideas for applying NLP in your own innovative ways!

what's inside

  • “Deep learning and language: the basics” – Chapter 2 from Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing by Stephan Raaijmakers
  • “Reasoning with word vectors (Word2vec)” – Chapter 6 from Natural Language Processing in Action by Hobson Lane, Cole Howard, and Hannes Max Hapke
  • “Sequential Labeling and Language Modeling”– Chapter 5 from Real-World Natural Language Processing by Masato Hagiwara
  • “Sequence-to-sequence models and attention” – Chapter 10 from Natural Language Processing in Action by Hobson Lane, Cole Howard, and Hannes Max Hapke

about the author

Hobson Lane is a seasoned data scientist, NLP engineer, and open source advocate who loves building helpful autonomous devices and systems.

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