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With chapters selected by David Wong
  • ISBN 9781617299346
  • 49 pages
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Cryptography is the keystone of internet security. Exploring Modern Cryptography offers a close look at some of the most common techniques for keeping your applications and online activity safe and secure. And it's yours for free!

about the book

Exploring Modern Cryptography features two chapters from Manning's Real-World Cryptography written by well-known cryptography expert David Wong. You'll start by delving into the hash function, ubiquitous in cryptography and one of the most important pieces of its foundation. You’ll see how it works, its input and output, and some of the most widely adopted hash functions in use today. Then, you’ll examine Message Authentication Codes and how they protect the integrity of data, as well as the MAC standards that are most widely used in our modern world. This fast, focused—and free!—sampler is an excellent starting point for "decrypting" some of the most commonly applied cryptographic techniques we rely on to protect our online activity every day!

what's inside

From Real-World Cryptography by David Wong:
  • Chapter 2 – "Hash Functions"
  • Chapter 3 – "Message Authentication Codes"

about the author

David Wong is a senior engineer working on Blockchain at Facebook. He is an active contributor to internet standards like Transport Layer Security and to the applied cryptography research community. David is a recognized authority in the field of applied cryptography; he's spoken at large security conferences like Black Hat and DEF CON and has delivered cryptography training sessions in the industry.

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