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With chapters selected by Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi
  • January 2021
  • ISBN 9781617299667
  • 50 pages
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The Jamstack methodology delivers dynamic functionality and security, as well as lightning-quick load times. It utilizes a combination of JavaScript, APIs, and Markup for lean, effective websites without the costly overhead of heavy frameworks. Learn why Jamstack has been gaining popularity with both developers and users, and see how it can make your life easier in this free mini ebook.

about the book

Exploring Jamstack features the first two chapters from Manning’s The Jamstack Book by authors and seasoned developers Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi. With a look back at the problems Jamstack was created to solve, the first chapter drills down to the key elements of Jamstack and reveals the benefits of choosing this game-changing methodology. In the next chapter, you’ll jump right into building a simple website in the Jamstack using a highly versatile, powerful static site generator that’s the perfect choice for Jamstack newcomers. Experience firsthand the joy of developing in the Jamstack—and discover the reasons it’s so wildly popular—with this free quick-start Jamstack guide.

what's inside

  • “Why Jamstack?” – Chapter 1 from The Jamstack Book by Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi
  • “Building a Basic Jamstack Site” – Chapter 2 from The Jamstack Book by Raymond Camden and Brian Rinaldi

about the author

Raymond Camden is a lead developer evangelist for HERE. He works on maps, geospatial stuff, JavaScript, and enterprise cat demos. He is the author of multiple books on web development and has been actively blogging and presenting for almost twenty years.

Brian Rinaldi is a developer advocate at StepZen. Brian has been involved in static site and Jamstack development since the early days, writing and speaking extensively on a range of related topics. Brian also serves as the editor of Jamstacked, a newsletter focused exclusively on the Jamstack community.

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