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Essential Guide to Peoplesoft Development and Customization you own this product

Tony DeLia, Galina Landres, Isidor Rivera, Prakash Sankaran
  • August 2000
  • ISBN 9781884777929
  • 1101 pages
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The Essential Guide to PeopleSoft Development and Customization is an exhaustive, as well as practical, guide that covers PeopleSoft 7.5 and many new features in release 8.0. Both novice and experienced programmers will benefit from the detailed coverage of topics ranging from the basics of Application Designer to the proper use of PeopleCode within the Application Processor.

The book serves as both a reference and a tutorial and covers advanced topics that other books avoid. The reader can gain valuable expertise by following the exercises and building sample applications and utilities.

Extensive coverage of PeopleCode including scroll and function library examples can be found as well as methodology behind customization and upgrades. Discover how to effectively utilize SQR and Process Scheduler. Master various levels of PeopleSoft security.

about the book

Most developers won't touch PeopleSoft COBOL programs with a ten foot pole. Expand your horizons by uncovering the secrets of PeopleSoft COBOL and the PTPSQLRT module and even walk through a sample customization. Application Engine is a powerful PeopleTool—but one of the least understood. Through a series of simple but effective exercises the reader will learn Application Engine concepts such as dynamic SQL, decision logic and dynamic sections. A useful Application Engine utility is produced that will enhance the delivered Process Scheduler panels. This book takes a soup-to-nuts approach leading the reader through the full cycle of application development.

The four authors are truly experts in the field and provide the reader with the skills necessary to compete in the PeopleSoft marketplace for years to come. Special sections are included which provide detailed information on new features in PeopleSoft release 8. The reader will gain valuable insight into the next generation of PeopleTools.

Exciting new features such as the new PeopleCode Debugger and PeopleCode dot notation using a new series of object classes are revealed. Also covered are Application Designer enhancements and improved Process Scheduler design and SQR support.

See firsthand how Application Engine has been turbo-charged with a new line of meta-constructs, PeopleCode actions, file handling capability and a new integrated design. The authors' primary goal was not to be the first book on the market... it was to be the best.

about the author

Tony DeLia has over 15 years experience working with mainframe, client-server and relational database applications, including PeopleSoft HR, Payroll and Financial applications.

Galina Landres has developed multi-platform applications for a number of major companies and is the co-author of Manning's SQR in PeopleSoft and Other Applications.

Isidor Rivera is a computer professional with over 19 years of experience in financial applications and PeopleSoft.

Prakash Sankaran has been developing PeopleSoft applications for many years since the first product release. He has designed and developed modules complementing the PeopleSoft Human Resources application.

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