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Madhusudhan Konda
  • MEAP began July 2021
  • Publication in Spring 2023 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617299858
  • 475 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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Elasticsearch is a complicated topic to master, but the author introduces all of Elasticsearch's tenets in a very relatable way, piece by piece, with lots of examples that can be executed in seconds.

Sergio Fernandez
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Build powerful, production-ready search applications using the incredible features of Elasticsearch.

In ElasticSearch in Action, Second Edition you will discover:

  • Architecture, concepts, and fundamentals of Elasticsearch
  • Installing, configuring and running Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Creating an index with custom settings
  • Data types, mapping fundamentals, and templates
  • Fundamentals of text analysis and working with text analyzers
  • Indexing, deleting, and updating documents
  • Indexing data in bulk and reindexing and aliasing operations
  • Learning search concepts, relevancy scores and similarity algorithms

Elasticsearch in Action, Second Edition teaches you to build scalable search applications using Elasticsearch. This completely new edition explores Elasticsearch fundamentals from the ground up. You’ll deep dive into design principles, search architectures, and Elasticsearch’s essential APIs. Every chapter is clearly illustrated with diagrams and hands-on examples. You’ll even explore real-world use cases for full text search, data visualisations, and machine-learning.

about the technology

Modern search seems like magic. You type a few words and the search engine appears to know what you want. With the Elasticsearch near-real-time search and analytics engine, you can give your users this magical experience without having to do complex low-level programming or understand advanced data science algorithms. You just install it, tweak it, and get on with your work.

about the book

Elasticsearch in Action, Second Edition is a hands-on guide to developing fully functional search engines with Elasticsearch and Kibana. Rewritten for the latest version of Elasticsearch, this completely new second edition explores Elasticsearch’s high-level architecture, reveals infrastructure patterns, and walks through the search and analytics capabilities of numerous Elasticsearch APIs.

It covers dozens of awesome techniques, such as:

  • Developing a multitude of search queries
  • Working with various query types
  • Enabling search results with sorting and pagination functionality
  • Writing and working with advanced search queries
  • Working analytics and aggregations
  • Developing high level visualizations in Kibana
  • Configuring and scaling the clusters, and tuning performance

You’ll quickly progress from the basics of installation and configuring clusters, to indexing documents, advanced aggregations, and putting your servers into production. By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready to build amazing search engines for your clients that take advantage of Elasticsearch’s modern features.

about the reader

For application developers familiar with DevOps and web services.

about the author

Madhusudhan Konda is a full-stack lead engineer, architect, mentor, and conference speaker. He delivers live online training on Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

he author explains the content very well, with proper and accurate illustrations to assist.

Adam Wan

A gentle introduction to the technology.

Giovanni Costagliola