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Alyssa Miller
  • MEAP began May 2021
  • Publication in July 2022 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617298202
  • 200 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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Alyssa Miller brilliantly explains the intricacies of cyber security and helps the reader navigate this complex moving landscape.

Marc Roulleau
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Kickstart a career in cyber security by learning how to adapt your existing technical and non-technical skills.

In Cybersecurity Career Guide you will learn:

  • Self-analysis exercises to find your unique capabilities that will make you excel in cyber security
  • How to adapt your existing skills to fit a cyber security role
  • Succeed at job searches, applications, and interviews to receive valuable offers
  • Ways to leverage professional networking and mentoring for success and career growth
  • Building a personal brand and strategy to stand out from other applicants
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome and other personal roadblocks

Cybersecurity Career Guide unlocks your pathway to becoming a great security practitioner. You’ll learn how to reliably enter the security field and quickly grow into your new career, following clear, practical advice that’s based on research and interviews with hundreds of hiring managers. Author Alyssa Miller has spent over a decade in cyber security leadership and talent development, and she shares her unique perspective in this revealing industry guide.

about the technology

By some estimates, there are over 4 million unfilled jobs in cyber security. This important field is growing fast, with a huge demand for skilled recruits. But where do you start? How can you know you’re ready? This book is your invaluable guide to starting and navigating a rewarding security career.

about the book

Cybersecurity Career Guide launches your cyber security career by focusing on the unique skills you already possess. It teaches you how to turn your existing capabilities into infosec assets, whether you’re coming from a technical or non-technical background.

You’ll go beyond common disciplines like penetration testing and explore the full diversity of cyber security roles to find a job that’s perfect for you. Practical self-analysis exercises help you identify gaps in your resume, what makes you valuable to an employer, and what you want out of your career in cyber. You’ll learn the pros-and-cons of all major professional qualifications, and get practical advice on relationship building with mentors. When you’re finished, you’ll know what you need to excel in this complex industry.

about the reader

For readers with both technical or non-technical backgrounds interested in a cyber security career.

about the author

Alyssa Miller has fifteen years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, including penetration testing, high level security strategy, and talent development.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

A comprehensive guide on getting started in the field of Cybersecurity.

Dipen N. Kumar

Recommended for anyone wanting to work in security, no matter what part of security that is.

Jan Vinterberg

A highly recommended book for those looking to start their career in Cybersecurity, as well as those who are already part of the industry.

Harsh Raval

An interesting guide to introduce yourself to the cybersecurity world.

Emanuele Origgi

A tremendous work in terms of the number of real-world examples. More than once I found myself smiling and nodding because the things the author described mirrored my experiences in being a mentor to a cybersecurity-focused community.

Rob Goelz

Very smart and definitely worth reading. I particularly loved the part about mentoring.

Rafik Naccache

It’s the most complete written introduction to a successful career approach I know.

Joerg Discher

Even if you decide that cyber security is not the right career path for you, it's full of good advice for taking charge of your career in tech.

Amanda Debler