Clojure, The Essential Reference
Renzo Borgatti
  • MEAP began December 2016
  • Publication in Summer 2021 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617293580
  • 625 pages (estimated)

The Clojure standard library is a treasure trove of functions and macros that have been battle-tested over the years to solve the most challenging programming problems. Knowing what's available in the standard library not only liberates programmers from mundane tasks like connecting to data sources, parsing XML, dealing with numbers but also more advanced problems like handling concurrency and parallelism. Having a deep knowledge of the Clojure standard library helps you solve problems quickly and more efficiently.

Clojure, The Essential Reference is an extensive reference to the standard library but it doesn't read as a dull list of functions. In addition to providing clear explanations for each topic, this guide is full of real-world examples, links, and background information. The book approaches difficult topics by illustrating them in a readable and pleasant way, using visual structure to emphasize the essential information. The book is designed to be used as a reference, but each function provides an interesting reading on its own, offering insight into functional and general programming. By using this reference, you will be able to make the most idiomatic and efficient choice while developing a Clojure application.

What's inside

Each function or macro is presented with:

  • An introduction including areas of application and main goals
  • A more rigorous contract section, including parameters and return types
  • Real world examples of the function in action
  • Background and conceptual information necessary to better understand the function
  • Diagrams and comparison tables
  • Implementation details and performance implications

About the reader

For developers of all skill levels who need a thorough reference to Clojure standard library.

About the author

Renzo Borgatti is a software engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Renzo worked with Java, Ruby, and Objective-C before discovering Clojure and functional programming a few years ago, a passion that quickly turned into professional work. He's a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences.

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