Four-Project Series

Kubernetes in Production you own this product

basics of Docker • basics of Kubernetes
skills learned
running containerized applications in Kubernetes with Pods • adding container probes to your Pods to test application health and repair failures • running the app in a hybrid Kubernetes cluster
Elton Stoneman
4 weeks · 4-6 hours per week average · BEGINNER

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In this liveProject series, you’ll deploy an existing web application to Kubernetes. Take on the role of a new DevOps engineer for IoT company Widgetario, which makes IoT devices and components for home automation systems. You’ve been given the job of taking its existing web platform and deploying it to Kubernetes. Each project in this series addresses a different stage of the process, bringing you from basic app configuration to setting up a production-grade Kubernetes environment.

These projects are designed for learning purposes and are not complete, production-ready applications or solutions.

I like that it motivates you from the beginning to start implementing things.

​​Georgios Kravvas

here's what's included

Project 1 Model and Run Apps in Kubernetes

In this liveProject, you’ll take an existing application and model it in Kubernetes. You’ll work with a prepackaged application for IoT company Widgetario to explore the core concepts of Kubernetes such as Pods and Deployments, Services, ConfigMaps, and Secrets. You’ll complete common tasks like routing network traffic, performing application updates, and configuring the app to run with high availability and scale. This project will ground you in the best practices of deploying an app to Kubernetes, with a fully working demo that can run with high availability and scale.

Project 2 Prepare Apps for Production

In this liveProject, you’ll properly configure a Kubernetes app so that it’s secure and resilient in production. Working with a previously deployed application, you’ll set up the app to read configuration settings from the cluster so you can use the same Docker images in test and production. Extend your app’s specifications to activate Kubernetes’s self-healing, defend against attackers with security controls, and run a replicated database in containers. Once you’re finished, you’ll have a securely deployed demo app that’s resilient against whatever production throws at it.

Project 3 Automate Deployments

In this liveProject, you’ll go hands-on to build an automated CI/CD pipeline for a Kubernetes-based application so your team can roll out new releases whenever there’s a new feature to go live. The pipeline you build will use the same process to make updates to the application platforms. You’ll work with a pre-deployed and working version of an application as you use Helm to create a single deployment package for all environments, configure safe automated deployments, and use affinity rules and selectors to prepare for high availability.

Project 4 Centralized Management

In this liveProject, you’ll improve on half-finished legacy work to add security, logging, and centralized monitoring to a Kubernetes cluster. Picking up where a previous employee left off, you’ll implement the final requirements of a Kubernetes application so that it’s ready to go live. You’ll establish secure access for testers and SREs, set up log collection and storage with the EFK stack, and deploy and configure the Prometheus tool to collect metrics from all the application components. Finally, you’ll set up an HTTP certificate and an ingress controller to listen for incoming traffic so it can be routed to your company’s domain. When you’re finished, you’ll be ready to flip the switch and set your application live!

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The project is a treasure trove of knowledge and goes into all the important aspects of production-ready Kubernetes...I really like the projects and I learned a lot.

Harald Kuhn

Very nice content. Good topic split and quite challenging at times.

Roman Zhuzha

The reading material is just enough so that you can learn required concepts in a small amount of time.

Halil Karakose

This course helped me in understanding the bigger picture when dealing with K8s. Before coming to this project I was aware of very simple uses of K8s. This series helped me in learning the full composition of K8s in deployment.

Lakshminarayanan AS

project author

Elton Stoneman
Elton is a freelance consultant and trainer. He spent most of his career designing and building large enterprise applications, until he discovered the container revolution, joined Docker, and worked with the team for three fast and furious years. Now he helps people break up those old enterprise apps and build new cloud-native apps - and run them all in Docker and Kubernetes. He speaks at conferences and runs training courses all around the world, writes books and video courses, and helps organizations at every stage in their container and cloud journey. Elton’s a 12-time Microsoft MVP and a Docker Captain.


This liveProject series is for beginner and improving Kubernetes users. To begin this liveProject, you will need to be familiar with the following:

  • Basics of Docker
  • Basics of Kubernetes
  • A text editor with support for YAML files
  • Basics of a CLI, such as PowerShell or Linux shells
  • Describing Kubernetes resources in YAML
  • Managing Kubernetes with the Kubectl command line
  • Debugging communication in distributed apps

you will learn

In this liveProject series, you’ll learn deployment, configuration, and ongoing operations skills that are essential for keeping your Kubernetes app secure and reliable.

  • Model and run distributed applications in Kubernetes
  • Design Kubernetes applications to run with high availability and scale
  • Configure zero-downtime updates for application components
  • Use persistent storage for stateful components
  • Secure access to Kubernetes clusters
  • Build CI/CD pipelines to compile and deploy apps to Kubernetes
  • Prepare for production with centralized management tools


You choose the schedule and decide how much time to invest as you build your project.
Project roadmap
Each project is divided into several achievable steps.
Get Help
While within the liveProject platform, get help from other participants and our expert mentors.
Compare with others
For each step, compare your deliverable to the solutions by the author and other participants.
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