Four-Project Series

Build a Data Warehouse in the Multi Cloud you own this product

basics of Google BigQuery, Google Data Studio, and SQL
skills learned
loading data into BigQuery • connect a BigQuery table as a GDS data source • create a table chart in GDS
Mike Shakhomirov
4 weeks · 6-9 hours per week average · INTERMEDIATE
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In this series of liveProjects, you’ll build a complete data warehouse solution that can serve essential data to a wide team of data, finance, and marketing departments across your company. Your company’s data is growing faster than ever, so your solution needs to scale. You’ll also need to account for your hybrid stack, with data and resources spread across both AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Each liveProject in this series is standalone, covering another essential task of building and migrating to a cloud data platform.

These projects are designed for learning purposes and are not complete, production-ready applications or solutions.

Manning author Mike Shakhomirov shares what he likes about the Manning liveProject platform.

here's what's included

Project 1 Load Data into BigQuery
In this liveProject, you’ll use Google Cloud Platform’s BigQuery tool to transfer data from a legacy data lake to new cloud storage on GCP. You’ll start by setting up your Google Cloud developer account, then utilize Google Web Console to create a Cloud Storage bucket and load data into a BigQuery table. You’ll learn how to handle different file formats, and manage resources with Google Cloud Shell.
Project 2 Extract Data from MySQL
In this liveProject, you’ll build an extraction pipeline to transfer data from a legacy server-side database in AWS MySQL into your new cloud platform. You’ll learn how to create an integration data layer, and develop a maintainable and flexible data intrastate that is both easy to work with and easy to scale.
Project 3 Build a Data Pipeline with BigQuery
In this liveProject, you’ll create a data pipeline that can enrich source data with currency exchange rates and converted totals. As this pipeline is updated daily, you’ll need to create a scheduled query to enrich your data. You’ll learn to load essential data into BigQuery from both CSVS and JSON, and use it to generate a daily business intelligence report for your colleagues.
Project 4 Business Intelligence with BigQuery
In this liveProject, you’ll create a Google Data Studio report that can visualise your datasets for the purpose of business intelligence. You’ll connect up numerous data sources using BigQuery to feed directly into your new BI dashboard. You’ll design and implement revenue and daily spend metrics and line graphs, and scorecards for top users.

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project author

Mike Shakhomirov
Mike Shakhomirov is a lead data engineer at The World's Online Festival. He has an MBA and MIT diploma in big data and social analytics and is a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer. He is a passionate and digitally focused individual with an abundance of drive and enthusiasm, loving the challenges the full mix of digital marketing can offer. He is also an official writer for publications such as Towards Data Science and The Startup, with more than 20 published articles on various topics. He writes about data engineering, machine learning and AI in digital marketing.


This liveProject is for complete beginners to data engineering, who have never worked with Google Cloud Platform before.

  • Basics of cloud computing
  • Basics of shell scripting

you will learn

In this liveProject, you’ll learn how to utilize an effective cloud data warehouse as the heart of your data architecture.

  • Setting up a Google Cloud account
  • Loading data into BigQuery
  • Handling file formats


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