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This project is part of the liveProject series Create AI-Powered Workspace Add-ons
basic Apps Script or JavaScript • basic understanding of how APIs work • Google Cloud Console basics • Google Sheets basics
skills learned
implement Expense Document AI processors • add CardService add-on fields • implement unit testing

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Look inside

Acme Widgets, a manufacturing company, uses an AI-powered Google Workspace add-on to automatically extract information from supplier invoices. Your task is to extend the add-on’s functionality so it can handle expense claim receipts, as well. You’ll add a Document AI processor designed for processing expenses, and you’ll enable additional fields in order to group related receipts. To increase user convenience, you’ll enable the uploading of local files and add a tab to re-pick recently selected files. Lastly, you’ll create unit tests that will help you update the add-on with more complex changes in the future.

This project is designed for learning purposes and is not a complete, production-ready application or solution.

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project author

Bruce Mcpherson

Bruce Mcpherson is a Google Developer Expert focusing on Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform. Throughout his distinguished career, he’s held titles including Chief Architect, Head of Engineering, CTO, and CIO, at Motorola, Lucent, and Symbol. He's the author of O'Reilly Media’s Going GAS, Google Apps Script for Beginners, and Google Apps Script for Developers. His long-running Desktop Liberation site provides his expert guidance on Google Apps Script and Microsoft automation. He’s the developer of many open-source libraries ( in a variety of languages and platforms. He speaks at conferences on Google technologies. He’s currently developing the platform for a startup specializing in AI-assisted video content analysis and classification and continues to mentor organizations whose mission is to improve diversity in tech.


This liveProject is for beginner-level Apps Script or JavaScript developers interested in learning to customize Google Workspace add-ons with an additional document-type processor. To begin these liveProjects you’ll need to be familiar with the following:

  • Google Workspace account (Google Sheets, JavaScript/Apps Script, Google Drive)
  • Google Cloud Console
  • Your favorite browser
  • Basic JavaScript/Apps Script
  • Create and manage a billing account and cloud projects

you will learn

In this liveProject, you’ll learn to customize a Google Workspace add-on with an additional document-type processor, enable the uploading of local files, and add a tab to re-pick recently picked files.

  • Implement a contextual workspace for Google Sheets
  • Enable APIs in Google Cloud Platform
  • Add a Document AI processor to Google Cloud Platform
  • Write JavaScript (Apps Script) code, customize and add features using the CardService
  • Enhance a Google Drive file picker using the Google Picker API and HTML Service
  • Deploy and test the add-on
  • Debug state management
  • Create unit tests


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