WebWork in Action
Patrick Lightbody and Jason Carreira
Foreword by Rickard Öberg
  • September 2005
  • ISBN 9781932394535
  • 400 pages

My developers love it! We have already improved a couple of applications because of this book.

Rickard Öberg, Software Architect, Senselogic, Founder of XDoclet and WebWork OpenSource projects

The WebWork framework implements a simple command/business-logic and MVC design. It provides out-of-the-box functionality developers need to build well-designed applications that are modular and reusable. Written by its two primary developers, WebWork in Action is the first book to focus entirely on WebWork. Like a true "In Action" book, it is both a tutorial on WebWork and a sourcebook for its use in demanding, real-world applications.

About the book

Starting with "Hello World" the Webwork way, the book immerses the reader in practical, how-to material. You will soon know how to configure WebWork and gradually and incrementally master the robust and powerful uses of the framework. WebWork in Action uses the same basic, continuing example used in Manning's Hibernate in Action to show how to integrate WebWork with the popular Hibernate persistence framework.

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Part 1 Introduction to WebWork

1. An overview of WebWork

2. HelloWorld, the WebWork way

3. Setting up WebWork

Part 2 Core concepts

4. Implementing WebWork actions

5. Adding functionality with interceptors

6. Inversion of Control

Part 3 Displaying content

7. Using results

8. Getting data with the expression language

9. Tag libraries

10. Velocity

11. UI components

Part 4 Advanced topics

12. Type conversion

13. Validating form data

14. Internationalization

15. Best practices

WebWork architecture


What's inside

  • Handling data and displaying content with Expression Language and Tag Libraries
  • Inversion of Control and WebWork actions
  • VelocityType conversion and data validation
  • Internationalization and component-oriented design
  • Integration of web applications into the Hibernate persistence framework
  • Webwork best practices and architecture

About the authors

Patrick Lightbody has worked for various technology companies, from Cisco Systems to tiny Silicon Valley startups, and currently leads Jive Software's Professional Services organization. In his spare time he contributes to several OpenSymphony projects. Patrick lives in Portland, Oregon.

A developer and J2EE architect, Jason Carreira has lately designed and built enterprise financial software products. He currently works for ePlus on next generation eProcurement solutions. He is a core developer of the XWork command pattern framework and WebWork MVC web framework at OpenSymphony. Jason lives in Rochester, New York.

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