Web Design Playground
HTML & CSS The Interactive Way
Paul McFedries
  • ISBN 9781617294402
  • 440 pages
Web Design Playground
HTML & CSS The Interactive Way
Paul McFedries

Though there are lots of books on this material, the web design playground really sets this material apart.

Shawn Eion Smith
How do top designers learn to create beautiful web pages and intuitive user experiences? Great examples, expert mentoring, and lots of practice! Written by web designer and master teacher Paul McFedries, this unique book and its fully interactive online workspace shapes and sharpens your skills in HTML, CSS, and web page design!

About the Technology

What makes a website pop, stand out, and feel great to browse? The answer is HTML, CSS, and a little bit of an artistic eye! Without HTML and CSS, every website would just be a few lines of text on a single white page. Even a little understanding of HTML and CSS can help you create web pages that look great and stand out from the crowd, so why wait? Pick up the skills you need to make something awesome today!

About the book

Contrary to what you may have heard, learning web design doesn’t need to be boring! What you need is something that goes beyond a boring reference book. Web Design Playground takes you step-by-step from writing your first line of HTML to creating interesting, attractive web pages. In this project-based book, you’ll use a custom online workspace, the book’s companion Playground, to design websites, product pages, photo galleries, and more. Don’t worry about setting up your own servers and domain names—the Playground takes care of that for you! You can concentrate on core skills like adding images and video and laying out the page, plus learning typography, responsive design, and the other tools of the web trade.

What's inside

  • Integration with a fully interactive web design workspace—the author’s custom playground—to test and tune your skills
  • Getting started with HTML, CSS, and web design
  • Working with images, color, and fonts
  • Best practices used daily by experts
  • Fun projects like building websites, portfolios, and photo galleries
  • Full-color throughout!

About the reader

If you can use a browser, you’re ready to create web pages!

About the author

Paul McFedries has written 90 books, which have sold over 4 million copies.

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