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Bill Burns
  • MEAP began May 2022
  • Publication in Summer 2023 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781633439788
  • 350 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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PowerShell can automate almost any IT task. This book guides you through 17 practical PowerShell projects that will build your skills and save you hours—or even days—of work.

In Tiny PowerShell Projects you will learn how to:

  • Automate and optimize your systems using PowerShell
  • Use scripts to instantly create users and emails, unlock accounts, and repair mailboxes
  • Build custom reports
  • Create popup alerting tools and asynchronous messages to users
  • Remotely access, query, and control PCs
  • Debug PowerShell scripts using VS Code
  • Master programming foundations like conditional logic, loops and functions
  • Use PowerShell in non-Windows environments

Tiny PowerShell Projects guides you through 17 practical projects designed to help you master the fundamentals of system administration with PowerShell. You’ll create handy scripts and build reusable tools that are easy to write and easy to put into action—even if you have no programming experience! You’ll create scripts you can use straight out of the box, and you’ll also learn how to adapt your code to add new features. By the time you finish, you’ll be confident using PowerShell to solve your own unique problems.

about the technology

PowerShell is a powerful scripting language for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s perfect for automating any system administration task. With PowerShell, you can perform tedious multi-step tasks right from the command line and save your work as scripts you’ll be able to use over and over. And because it’s a full-featured programming language, you can build tools that you can share with other users.

about the book

Tiny PowerShell Projects is a hands-on tutorial for system administration with PowerShell. You’ll immediately recognize the tasks in the 17 projects, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to automate them with PowerShell! This easy-to-read book starts with scripting basics, showing you how to create loops, assign variables, and write conditionals. Then, it breaks down common admin tasks into simple, bite-size projects that build your skillset and give you tools you can use in your day job. You’ll write seventeen amazing scripts that can create thousands of users in minutes, install software across the domain at a designated date and time, repair and restore a broken email account with a single click, and more. You’ll even learn how to generate reports at a touch of a button!

about the reader

For systems administrators familiar with core IT tasks. No coding experience required.

about the author

Bill Burns is a senior principal DevOps engineer at a top Fortune 50 company with a talent for optimizing complex processes. Bill has 25 years of experience and holds more than 20 industry-recognized information technology certifications. He serves as a full-time engineer, Six Sigma coach, technical expert speaker, and mentor.

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