SOA Patterns
Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz
Foreword by Gregor Hohpe
  • September 2012
  • ISBN 9781933988269
  • 296 pages
  • printed in black & white

Documents a significant body of knowledge on SOA.

From the Foreword by Gregor Hohpe, coauthor of "Enterprise Integration Patterns"

SOA Patterns provides architectural guidance through patterns and anti-patterns. It shows you how to build real SOA services that feature flexibility, availability, and scalability. Through an extensive set of patterns, this book identifies the major SOA pressure points and provides reusable techniques to address them. Each pattern pairs the classic problem/solution format with a unique technology map, showing where specific solutions fit into the general pattern.

About the Technology

The idea of service-oriented architecture is an easy one to grasp and yet developers and enterprise architects often struggle with implementation issues. Here are some of them:

  • How to get high availability and high performance
  • How to know a service has failed
  • How to create reports when data is scattered within multiple services
  • How to make loose coupling looser
  • How to solve authentication and authorization for service consumers
  • How to integrate SOA and the UI

About the book

SOA Patterns provides detailed, technology-neutral solutions to these challenges, and many others, using plain language. You'll understand the design patterns that promote and enforce flexibility, availability, and scalability. Each of the 26 patterns uses the classic problem/solution format and a unique technology map to show where specific solutions fit into the general pattern.

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Part 1 SOA patterns

1. Chapter 1 Solving SOA pains with patterns

1.1. Defining software architecture

1.2. Service-oriented architecture

1.3. Solving SOA challenges with patterns

1.4. Summary

1.5. Further reading

2. Chapter 2 Foundation structural patterns

2.1. Service Host pattern

2.2. Active Service pattern

2.3. Transactional Service pattern

2.4. Workflodize pattern

2.5. Edge Component pattern

2.6. Summary

2.7. Further reading

3. Chapter 3 Patterns for performance, scalability, and availability

3.1. Decoupled Invocation pattern

3.2. Parallel Pipelines pattern

3.3. Gridable Service pattern

3.4. Service Instance pattern

3.5. Virtual Endpoint pattern

3.6. Service Watchdog pattern

3.7. Summary

3.8. Further reading

4. Chapter 4 Security and manageability patterns

4.1. Secured Message pattern

4.2. Secured Infrastructure pattern

4.3. Service Firewall pattern

4.4. Identity Provider pattern

4.5. Service Monitor pattern

4.6. Summary

4.7. Further reading

5. Chapter 5 Message exchange patterns

5.1. Request/Reply pattern

5.2. Request/Reaction pattern

5.3. Inversion of Communications pattern

5.4. Saga pattern

5.5. Summary

5.6. Further reading

6. Chapter 6 Service consumer patterns

6.1. Reservation pattern

6.2. Composite Front End (Portal) pattern

6.3. Client/Server/Service pattern

6.4. Summary

6.5. Further reading

7. Chapter 7 Service integration patterns

7.1. Service Bus pattern

7.2. Orchestration pattern

7.3. Aggregated Reporting pattern

7.4. Summary

7.5. Further reading

Part 2 SOA in the real world

8. Chapter 8 Service antipatterns

8.1. Knot antipattern

8.2. Nanoservice antipattern

8.3. Transactional Integration antipattern

8.4. Same Old Way antipattern

8.5. Summary

8.6. Further reading

9. Chapter 9 Putting it all together—a case study

9.1. Problem

9.2. Solution

9.3. Summary

10. Chapter 10 OA vs. the world

10.1. REST vs. SOA

10.2. SOA and the cloud

10.3. SOA and big data

10.4. Summary

10.5. Further reading

Appendix A: appendix From quality attributes to patterns


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What's inside

  • Details more than 30 patterns for common SOA scenarios in the areas of security, performace, availability, UI integration, service aggregation and service interaction
  • Describes more than 20 SOA pitfalls to avoid
  • Spotlights the architecural perspective on SOA
  • Explains technology mapping from conceptual solution to current technologies
  • Provides extensive and practical advice on matching patterns to technologies

About the reader

Written for working developers and architects building services and service-oriented solutions. Knowledge of Java or C# is helpful but not required.

About the author

Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz has over a decade of experience building SOA systems using Java and C#. He's a recognized authority in designing and architecting distributed systems in general and SOAs in particular.

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