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Redux in Action you own this product

Marc Garreau and Will Faurot
Foreword by Mark Erikson
  • May 2018
  • ISBN 9781617294976
  • 312 pages
  • printed in black & white
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Comprehensive, practical, does a great job of teaching many key topics for real-world Redux apps.

From the Foreword by Mark Erikson, Redux co-maintainer
Look inside

With Redux in Action, you'll discover how to integrate Redux into your React application and development environment. With the insights you glean from the experience of authors Marc Garreau and Will Faurot, you'll be more than confident in your ability to solve your state management woes with Redux and focus on developing the apps you need!

about the technology

With Redux, you manage the state of a web application in a single, simple object, practically eliminating most state-related bugs. Centralizing state with Redux makes it possible to quickly start saved user sessions, maintain a reliable state history, and smoothly transfer state between UIs. Plus, the Redux state container is fully programmable and integrates cleanly with React and other popular frameworks.

about the book

Redux in Action is an accessible guide to effectively managing state in web applications. Built around common use cases, this practical book starts with a simple task-management application built in React. You'll use the app to learn the Redux workflow, handle asynchronous actions, and get your hands on the Redux developer tools. With each step, you'll discover more about Redux and the benefits of centralized state management. The book progresses to more-complex examples, including writing middleware for analytics, time travel debugging, and an overview of how Redux works with other frameworks such as Angular and Electron.

what's inside

  • Using Redux in an existing React application
  • Handling side effects with the redux-saga library
  • Consuming APIs with asynchronous actions
  • Unit testing a React and Redux application

about the reader

For web developers comfortable with JavaScript and React.

about the author

Marc Garreau has architected and executed half a dozen unique client-side applications using Redux. Will Faurot is a mentor for Redux developers of all skill levels.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

The authors do a wonderful job of making the material compelling.

Jeremy Lange, Sertifi

Take control of your application state with expert Redux advice.

Ian Lovell, Parmenion Capital Partners

A perfect example of a book beating online resources.

Jose San Leandro, OSOCO