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Roland Kuhn with Brian Hanafee and Jamie Allen
Foreword by Jonas Bonér
  • February 2017
  • ISBN 9781617291807
  • 392 pages
  • printed in black & white
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Does an excellent job explaining Reactive architecture and design, starting with first principles and putting them into a practical context.

From the Foreword by Jonas Boner, Creator of Akka
Look inside

Reactive Design Patterns is a clearly written guide for building message-driven distributed systems that are resilient, responsive, and elastic. In this book you'll find patterns for messaging, flow control, resource management, and concurrency, along with practical issues like test-friendly designs. All patterns include concrete examples using Scala and Akka.

about the technology

Modern web applications serve potentially vast numbers of users - and they need to keep working as servers fail and new ones come online, users overwhelm limited resources, and information is distributed globally. A Reactive application adjusts to partial failures and varying loads, remaining responsive in an ever-changing distributed environment. The secret is message-driven architecture - and design patterns to organize it.

about the book

Reactive Design Patterns presents the principles, patterns, and best practices of Reactive application design. You'll learn how to keep one slow component from bogging down others with the Circuit Breaker pattern, how to shepherd a many-staged transaction to completion with the Saga pattern, how to divide datasets by Sharding, and more. You'll even see how to keep your source code readable and the system testable despite many potential interactions and points of failure.

what's inside

  • The definitive guide to the Reactive Manifesto
  • Patterns for flow control, delimited consistency, fault tolerance, and much more
  • Hard-won lessons about what doesn't work
  • Architectures that scale under tremendous load

about the reader

Most examples use Scala, Java, and Akka. Readers should be familiar with distributed systems.

about the authors

Dr. Roland Kuhn led the Akka team at Lightbend and coauthored the Reactive Manifesto. Brian Hanafee and Jamie Allen are experienced distributed systems architects.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

If the 'Reactive Manifesto' gave us a battle cry, this work gives us the strategic handbook for battle.

Joel Kotarski, The Rawlings Group

An engaging tour of distributed computing and the building blocks of responsive, resilient software.

William Chan, LinkedIn

This book is so reactive, it belongs on the left-hand side of the periodic table!

Andy Hicks, Tanis Systems