JUnit in Action you own this product

Vincent Massol with Ted Husted
  • September 2003
  • ISBN 9781930110991
  • 384 pages

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Developers in the know are switching to a new testing strategy—unit testing—which interleaves coding and testing in an integrated way. This has proven to be a powerful combination that results in better designed software with fewer defects and faster delivery cycles.

JUnit in Action shows you how to benefit from this strategy using the popular open source testing framework, JUnit. It's a no fluff discussion of unit testing techniques and best practices. It gives examples of tough situations such as how to unit test EJBs, database applications, JSPs and Taglibs. It discusses unit testing of J2EE applications, and shows how to test in automated builds.

about the book

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what's inside

  • Testing in isolation with mock objects
  • In-container testing with Cactus
  • Automated builds with Ant and Maven
  • Unit testing from within Eclipse
  • Test Driven Development principles
  • Unit testing
    • Java apps
    • Servlets
    • JSP
    • Taglibs
    • Filters
    • EJB
    • DB apps

about the authors

Vincent Massol is Chief Technology Officer of Pivolis which specializes in agile offshore software development. Vince is an active member of the Maven, Gump and MockObjects development teams and the creator of the Jakarta Cactus testing framework. He lives in the City of Light, Paris, France.

Ted Husted is the lead author of Struts in Action, published by Manning.

... captures best practices for effective JUnit and in particular J2EE testing. Don’t unit test your J2EE applications without it!

Erich Gamma, IBM OTI Labs, Co-author of "JUnit"

Outstanding job... It rocks—a joy to read! I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Erik Hatcher, co-author of "Java Development With Ant"

Brings the mass of information out there under one coherent umbrella.

J. B. Rainsberger, leader in the JUnit community, author

Doesn’t shy from tough cases ... Vince really stepped up, rather than side-stepping the real problems people face.

Scott Stirling, BEA