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A User Friendly Reference Guide
Rob Crowther
  • October 2012
  • ISBN 9781935182894
  • 560 pages
  • printed in black & white
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A fast-paced introduction. Recommended to anyone who needs a quick-start resource.

Jason Kaczor, Microsoft MVP
Look inside

Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 is written for the web designer or developer who wants a fast, example-oriented introduction to the new HTML and CSS features. This snappy, user-friendly, and fun guide will get you started right away.

about the book

Whether you're building web pages, mobile apps, or desktop apps, you need to learn HTML5 and CSS3. So why wait? Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 is a smart, snappy, and fun way to get started now.

In this example-rich guide to HTML5 and CSS3, you'll start with a user-friendly introduction to HTML5 markup and then take a quick tour through forms, graphics, drag-and-drop, multimedia, and more. Next, you'll explore CSS3, including new features like drop shadows, borders, colors, gradients, and backgrounds. Every step of the way, you'll find hands-on examples, both large and small, to help you learn by doing.

what's inside

  • Easy-to-follow intro to HTML5 and CSS3
  • Fully illustrated and loaded with examples
  • Designed for low-stress learning
  • No prior experience needed!
  • Don't worry, you aren't alone! The cast of characters from User Friendly is learning HTML5 and CSS3 along with you as you read.

about the reader

This is the perfect way to add HTML5 and CSS3 to your bag of web tricks. And if you've never written a web page before, don't sweat it! Hello! HTML5 and CSS3 is a great place to start.

about the author

Rob Crowther is a web developer and blogger based in London, UK. Currently he works for a small software company building web applications for corporate clients such as BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon, Honeywell, and Young & Co.'s Brewery.

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Everything you need to know explained simply and clearly.

Mike Greenhalgh, NHS Wales

It’s 2012. You need this book!

Greg Donald, CallProof, LLC

Level up your web skills!

Greg Vaughn, LivingSocial