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Antonio Gulli et al.
  • MEAP began February 2022
  • Publication in Spring 2023 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781633439573
  • 725 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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Learn Anthos directly from the Google development team! Anthos delivers a consistent management platform for deploying and operating Linux and Windows applications anywhere—multicloud, edge, on-prem, bare metal, or VMware.

In Google Anthos in Action you will learn:

  • How Anthos reduces your dependencies and stack-bloat
  • Running applications across multiple clouds and platforms
  • Handling different workloads and data
  • Adding automation to speed up code delivery
  • Modernizing infrastructure with microservices and Service Mesh
  • Policy management for enterprises
  • Security and observability at scale

In a cloud-centric world, all deployment is becoming hybrid deployment. Anthos is a modern, Kubernetes-based cloud platform that enables you to run your software in multicloud, hybrid, or on-premises deployments using the same operations tools and approach. With powerful automation features, it boosts your efficiency along the whole development lifecycle. Google Anthos in Action demystifies Anthos with practical examples of Anthos at work and invaluable insights from the Google team that built it.

about the technology

Anthos is built on a simple concept: write once, and run anywhere—whether that’s on-prem, in any public cloud, on the edge, or all three. As the first truly multicloud platform from a major provider, Anthos was designed with the practical goals of balancing cost, efficiency, security, and performance. Anthos lets you simplify your stack, deliver software faster with cloud-native tooling, and automatically integrate high levels of security into your deployments.

about the book

Google Anthos in Action comes directly from the Anthos team at Google. This comprehensive book takes a true DevOps mindset, considering Google-tested patterns for how an application is designed, built, deployed, managed, monitored, and scaled.

Developers will love how having a consistent platform across clouds brings a massive performance boost by standardizing the application across deployment targets, as well as how Anthos makes it easy to modernize legacy applications to cloud native infrastructure. Operations pros will appreciate how simple it is to integrate Anthos with CI/CD pipelines, automate security and policy management, and work with enterprise-level Kubernetes. Each concept is fully illustrated with exercises and hands-on examples, so you can see the power of Anthos in action.

about the reader

For software and cloud engineers with knowledge of Kubernetes.

about the author

Google Anthos in Action is written by a team of twenty-three Googlers involved with Anthos development and Anthos fellows assisting customers in the field.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books