Get Programming with F# you own this product

A guide for .NET developers
Isaac Abraham
Forewords by Dustin Campbell and Tomas Petricek
  • February 2018
  • ISBN 9781617293993
  • 592 pages
  • printed in black & white

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Look inside

Get Programming with F#: A guide for .NET Developers shows you how to upgrade your .NET development skills by adding a touch of functional programming in F#. In just 43 bite-sized chunks, you'll learn how to use F# to tackle the most common .NET programming tasks. Examples use the familiar Visual Studio environment, so you'll be instantly comfortable. Packed with enlightening examples, real-world use cases, and plenty of easy-to-digest code, this easy-to-follow tutorial will make you wonder why you didn't pick up F# years ago!

about the technology

Your .NET applications need to be good for the long haul. F#'s unique blend of functional and imperative programming is perfect for writing code that performs flawlessly now and keeps running as your needs grow and change. It takes a little practice to master F#'s functional-first style, so you may as well get programming!

about the book

Get Programming with F#: A guide for .NET developers teaches F# through 43 example-based lessons with built-in exercises so you can learn the only way that really works: by practicing. The book upgrades your .NET skills with a touch of functional programming in F#. You'll pick up core FP principles and learn techniques for iron-clad reliability and crystal clarity. You'll discover productivity techniques for coding F# in Visual Studio, functional design, and integrating functional and OO code.

what's inside

  • Learn how to write bug-free programs
  • Turn tedious common tasks into quick and easy ones
  • Use minimal code to work with JSON, CSV, XML, and HTML data
  • Integrate F# with your existing C# and VB.NET applications
  • Create web-enabled applications

about the reader

Written for intermediate C# and Visual Basic .NET developers. No experience with F# is assumed.

about the author

Isaac Abraham is an experienced .NET developer and trainer. He's an F# MVP for his contributions to the .NET community.

Leads you on a journey of F# that's both pragmatic and relevant.

From the Foreword by Dustin Campbell, Microsoft

Does a great job of explaining F# clearly and effectively.

From the Foreword by Tomas Petricek, fsharpWorks

A wonderful introduction to the subtleties of the F# language. You'll be productive within minutes!

 Jason Hales, Digital Tier

Combines excellent explanations, real-world use cases, and a steady supply of questions and exercises to make sure you really understand what is being taught. Highly recommended!

Joel Clermont, GrowthPoint

Puts the FUN into functional programming with F#.

Stephen Byrne, Action Point