Flex Mobile in Action
Jonathan Campos
  • May 2012
  • ISBN 9781617290619
  • 372 pages

A must-read for anyone thinking of doing mobile apps.

Ken Brueck, Protoven

Flex Mobile in Action teaches you how to use the powerful Flex platform to create applications that can stretch across Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices. It focuses on practical application development techniques such as accessing native device capabilities, choosing the right architectural patterns, building data access models, and more. For developers new to Flex, the book provides a quick overview that will get you started in no time.

As you explore Flex Mobile, you'll also learn techniques for creating compelling mobile applications. Along the way, you'll explore the tools created by Adobe and the open source community for performance monitoring, debugging, and device connections.

About the Technology

Whether you're extending existing applications to mobile clients or taking a mobile first approach, you need a good mobile strategy. That's not easy. The mobile device market is complicated and changing rapidly, with constant innovation on the iOS, Android, and BlackBerry platforms. Flex Mobile is a new technology providing a single development environment that exports your application to any mobile platform utilizing the Adobe AIR runtime, eliminating the need to write and rewrite your code.

What's inside

  • Using ActionScript for mobile development
  • Accessing device specific capabilities
  • Mobile optimizations for your Flex code
  • Unit testing with FlexUnit
  • Deploying and selling your apps

About the reader

This book assumes no prior exposure to Flex Mobile. Experience with Flex or ActionScript is useful but not required.

About the author

Jonathan Campos is an active member of the Flash Community, also a blogger, author, speaker, and active contributor to the Flex framework. Jonathan works with Miller & Associates in Dallas as an enterprise and mobile developer.

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Great cutting-edge techniques for mobile apps developers.

Bill LaPrise, c3works

An excellent introduction to the powerful ability of Flex and AIR to target multiple mobile platforms.

Kirsten Schwark, iDashboards

Very handy code snippets, both for novice and day-to-day development.

Fabien Nicollet, Business Geografic