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Data Science Bookcamp

Five Python projects
Leonard Apeltsin
  • MEAP began September 2019
  • Publication in November 2021 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617296253
  • 730 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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The book lives up to its promise of using code examples instead of going with heavy mathematics.

Bill Mitchell
Look inside
Learn data science with Python by building five real-world projects! In Data Science Bookcamp you’ll test and build your knowledge of Python and learn to handle the kind of open-ended problems that professional data scientists work on daily. Downloadable data sets and thoroughly-explained solutions help you lock in what you’ve learned, building your confidence and making you ready for an exciting new data science career.

about the technology

In real-world practice, data scientists create innovative solutions to novel open ended problems. Easy to learn and use, the Python language has become the de facto language for data science amongst researchers, developers, and business users. But knowing a few basic algorithms is not enough to tackle a vague and thorny problem. It takes relentless practice at cracking difficult data tasks to achieve mastery in the field. That’s just what this book delivers.

about the book

Data Science Bookcamp is a comprehensive set of challenging projects carefully designed to grow your data science skills from novice to master. Veteran data scientist Leonard Apeltsin sets five increasingly difficult exercises that test your abilities against the kind of problems you’d encounter in the real world. As you solve each challenge, you’ll acquire and expand the data science and Python skills you’ll use as a professional data scientist. Ranging from text processing to machine learning, each project comes complete with a unique downloadable data set and a fully-explained step-by-step solution. Because these projects come from Dr. Apeltsin’s vast experience, each solution highlights the most likely failure points along with practical advice for getting past unexpected pitfalls. When you wrap up these five awesome exercises, you’ll have a diverse relevant skill set that’s transferable to working in industry.

what's inside

  • Five in-depth Python exercises with full downloadable data sets
  • Web scraping
  • Organise datasets with clustering algorithms
  • Visualize complex multi-variable datasets
  • Train a decision tree machine learning algorithm

about the reader

For readers who know the basics of Python. No prior data science or machine learning skills required.

about the author

Leonard Apeltsin is a senior data scientist and engineering lead at Primer AI, a startup that specializes in using advanced Natural Language Processing techniques to extract insight from terabytes of unstructured text data. His PhD research focused on bioinformatics that required analyzing millions of sequenced DNA patterns to uncover genetic links in deadly diseases.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

Apeltsin uses Python and data analysis libraries to teach data science analytics in a practical way. The book is focused on problem solving, rather than finding mathematical proofs, making it easy to understand and even easier to take the concepts and apply them to new problems.

Elias Rangel

A great introduction to Data Science with python.

Stuart Woodward

If you're looking to learn Data Science from an exercise-driven approach, wherein your knowledge builds up progressively within a chapter and throughout the book, you should read Apeltsin's Data Science Bookcamp.

Adriaan Beiertz

The author has done a great job of introducing a wide variety of data science concepts and techniques using Python as the common tool.

Bob Quintus

This is the book that will help you start solving your own data problems!

Jeff Smith

A must read book to understand the entire pipeline of delivering a problem statement using data science!

Ayon Roy