Cloud Native Spring in Action you own this product

With Spring Boot and Kubernetes
Thomas Vitale
  • MEAP began August 2020
  • Publication in November 2022 (estimated)
  • ISBN 9781617298424
  • 475 pages (estimated)
  • printed in black & white
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An excellent practical guide to learn and develop Cloud Native apps using Spring. A must-have for Spring professional.

Harinath Kuntamukkala
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To really benefit from the reliability and scalability you get with cloud platforms, your applications need to be designed for that environment. Cloud Native Spring in Action is a practical guide for planning, designing, and building your first cloud native apps using the powerful, industry-standard Spring framework. You'll follow a detailed and complete cloud native system from first concept right through to production and deployment, learning best practices, design patterns, and little-known tips and tricks for pain-free cloud native development.

about the technology

Modern applications need scalability, resilience, reliability, and zero-downtime. For most large systems, that means you'll take advantage of cloud-based tools and services. For Java developers, Spring helps effortlessly build cloud native, production-ready applications. Combined with Kubernetes, the Spring ecosystem offers numerous built-in features to help out developers migrating or building new cloud native projects efficiently.

about the book

Cloud Native Spring in Action teaches you effective Spring and Kubernetes cloud development techniques that you can immediately apply to enterprise-grade applications. It takes you step by step from your first idea through to production, showing how cloud native development can add business value at every stage of the software development lifecycle. As you develop an online bookshop, you'll learn how to build and test a cloud native app with Spring, containerize it with Docker, and deploy it to the public cloud with Kubernetes. Including coverage of security, continuous delivery, and configuration, this hands-on guide is the perfect primer for navigating the increasingly complex cloud landscape.

what's inside

  • Cloud native best practices and design patterns
  • Build, test and configure cloud native apps with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
  • Use Docker to containerize Spring applications
  • Deploy, monitor, and operate with Kubernetes
  • Manage a cloud native software lifecycle

about the reader

For Java backend developers.

about the author

Thomas Vitale has an MSc in computer engineering specializing in software. He is a Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer and Pivotal Certified Spring Professional. Thomas has been building Java applications for more than 5 years, using Spring and Java EE/Jakarta EE. He is currently a senior software engineer at Systematic, where he designs and develops enterprise software solutions in the healthcare domain. Thomas has led the development of security and data privacy features while ensuring performance, resiliency, and stability. He has been working on migrating traditional applications to cloud native, defining guidelines for building resilient and scalable apps.

FREE domestic shipping on orders of three or more print books

Curious about writing production grade Cloud Native applications using Spring and don't know where to start? Read this book and thank me later!

Yogesh Shetty

The definitive guide to developing cloud native applications using Spring.

Nathan B Crocker

Filled to the brim with real world examples and ready to use code.

Mladen Knežić

This book is perfect to understand how to build cloud native architecture using Java and Spring. All the chapters are useful and their content can be applied in real-world scenarios.

Gilberto Taccari