C# in Depth you own this product

Jon Skeet
  • April 2008
  • ISBN 9781933988368
  • 424 pages

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C# in Depth is designed to bring you to a new level of programming skill. It dives deeply into key C# topics—in particular the new ones. You'll learn to reuse algorithms in a type-safe way with C# 2 generics and expand the functionality of existing classes and interfaces using C# 3 extension methods. Tricky issues become clear in author Jon Skeet's crisp, easy-to-follow explanations and snappy, pragmatic examples. With this book under your belt, you will easily learn—and then master—new frameworks and platforms.

about the technology

In programming, there's no substitute for knowing your stuff. In versions 2 and 3, C# introduces new concepts such as lambda expressions and implicit typing that make the language more flexible and give you more power. Using Language INtegrated Query (LINQ)—also new in C# 3—you can interact with data of any type directly from C#. Simply put, mastering these features will make you a more valuable C# developer.

what's inside

  • How and where (and why) to use the new language features
  • Backgrounder on C# 1
  • Cutting-edge best practices
  • Become comfortable and proficient with C# 2 and 3

about the author

Jon Skeet has worked with C# since 2002, and has been a Microsoft C# MVP since October 2003. He has spent a great amount of time in the C# community answering questions in newsgroups as well as writing articles on the most misunderstood aspects of C# and .NET. After having read tens of thousands of questions over the years, Jon has developed a deep insight into the areas that developers have trouble with, as well as what they are trying to achieve. A keen reader of specifications, Jon aims to understand the language at the deepest level, which enables him to provide a detailed exposition of C#, including a few dark corners which can trip up the unwary developer.

Become a C# 3 maestro!

Fabrice Marguerie, C# MVP author of LINQ in Action

The best C# book I've ever read.

Chris Mullins, C# MVP

Clear and concise.

Robin Shahan, GoldMail.com

A treat!

Anil Radhakrishna, ASP.NET MVP

Reveals C#'s powerful mysteries.

Christopher Haupt, BuildingWebApps.com

So good, it hurts my head.

J.D. Conley, Hive7 Inc.

Enriches the beginner, polishes the expert.

Josh Cronemeyer, ThoughtWorks