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Leonard Apeltsin

of Discovering Disease Outbreaks from News Headlines

Leonard Apeltsin is a co-founder of Primer AI, a startup that develops advanced technology to analyze terabytes of unstructured text data. Leonard helped expand the Primer AI team from four employees to over 80. His PhD research on bioinformatics required analyzing millions of sequenced DNA patterns to uncover genetic links in deadly diseases. It was this research that led him to realize that his skills were transferable to other areas of analysis; and Leonard's data science consultancy was born. Leonard is currently a research fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science.

Olga Petrova

of Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Melanoma Detection

Olga Petrova is a machine learning engineer at Scaleway, a French cloud provider, where her focus lies on deep learning R&D. Previously, she has worked as a researcher in theoretical physics, looking into the applications of artificial intelligence to quantum systems. Olga has a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, and a B.S. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She enjoys blogging about the latest advancements in AI.

Alexey Nesterov

of Building an E-commerce Web Application with Spring Boot

Alexey is a software engineer in the Spring Cloud Services team at VMware. His work involves a fusion of DevOps and software engineering, to bring a fully managed Spring Cloud offering to modern cloud platforms. With years of experience as a software engineer and consultant, he is a fan of the lean approach to software development, extreme programming, test-driven development and Spring ecosystem.

Nishant Kumar

of Creating a WhatsApp Notification Service Using AWS Lambda and a Serverless Framework

Nishant Kumar is a software developer for a Fintech startup in Berlin, where he is responsible for building a cloud-agnostic scalable distributed system. He has spent nine years working in the software industry, including building SaaS, IoT, Fintech, retail, and enterprise-scale solutions.