Node.js in Motion
PJ Evans
  • Course duration: 6h 14m
    50 exercises

Very good, very appropriate for the beginner audience.

Tanya Wilke

See it. Do it. Learn it! Node in Motion introduces you to the amazing world of server-side JavaScript through high-quality video-based lessons and built-in exercises, so you can put what you learn into practice.

Node in Motion is a fast-paced, practical video course designed to get you up to speed quickly on every aspect of Node. Following the expert and friendly guidance of PJ Evans, you'll master the key concepts like non-blocking JavaScript, asynchronous functions, using packages from the Node Package Manager (NPM), talking to the Internet, writing Web applications, interfacing with databases, and deploying your application. Everything you need to be a successful Node developer is covered in this great video course.

About the subject

Node.js has become required knowledge for web developers. It's never been easier to go from front-end developer to full-stack engineer, since with Node you can stay with JavaScript all the way down. Node is great for backend APIs and it's also a solid choice for building microservices and server-side utilities. Node's rich ecosystem of pre-built packages and libraries provides the tools you need to be super-productive right out of the gate.
Table of Contents detailed table of contents



What Are We Going to Learn?

Key concepts of Node.js

Node Modules: Part One

Node Modules: Part Two

Tools and Conventions


Node on the Command Line

Input and Output with Node

Introducing the File API

The File API in Practice

Message of the Day

Creating Your Own Modules

Talking to the Internet

Using the Request Module

Promises and Async:Await

Building Web Applications with Node

A Simple Web Server

A Simple Web File Server

A First Web Application: Part One

A First Web Application: Part Two

Express: The Web Application Framework

Express Gets Clever

Pug Who’s a Good Boy, Then?

Hello, Web App!


Key Concepts

Chewing the CRUD

The Great ORM


Sequelize on the Command Line

Building the "Hello, World" Database

Building Better Web Apps with Express

Model, View, Controller

Using MVC with Express

Converting "Hello, World!" to Express MVC

Adding Functionality in Express MVC

Using Remote APIs with Express

Using AJAX

User Authentication Using Middleware

User Management 1: Improving the Model

User Management 2: Controllers and Views

Sending Emails



The Real-time Web

Introducing Socket.IO

What’s the Time, Mr. WebSocket?

Adding User Status

Node in the Real World


Caring for the Environment

Keeping on Runnin'

Version Control

Publishing a Node Module

Going Further


Fear Not the Command Line

Installing Node.JS



If you know your way around JavaScript, you're ready to start learning Node!

What you will learn

  • Working with asynchronous functions, with callbacks and Promises
  • Using packages from the Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Building command line programs using Node.js
  • Using Express.js to scaffold a Web Application
  • Interacting with SQL and other databases
  • Using WebSockets for real-time communication
  • Tips and tricks for deploying Node.js applications to production

About the instructor

PJ Evans has been an enthusiastic coder since 1981. One of his applications, an online collaborative suite, is used by an estimated 150,000 users daily.

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Easy to follow tutorial with engaging commentary.

Kiran Anantha

A very informative course with helpful code examples, easy-to-follow walkthroughs of logic behind NodeJS, and a good pace to keep you engaged but able to follow along.

Jack Masterson