CSS in Depth in Motion
Chris Ward
  • Course duration: 2h 50m
    56 exercises

A definitive source for mastering your CSS skills. Highly recommended to everyone!

Lorenzo Boaro
By mastering CSS, you can make your pages more attractive, your code more readable, and your life as a web developer easier. You’ll be amazed what you can do without resorting to an external framework, modern CSS can handle a dizzying array of styles and effects all on its own, and this liveVideo course gets you there.

About the subject

CSS in one cornerstone of web design, and one of the primary reasons the good-looking websites you love look good. CSS lets you specify the visual design of a web page or web app, from the general layout to the fine details of each element.

About the video

CSS in Depth in Motion is a new liveVideo course that lives up to its name, taking you deep into what you can accomplish with CSS. Designed as the perfect companion to our bestselling book, CSS in Depth. This course explores new examples, projects, and skills that you can practice in your own time, step-by-step!

Professional technical writer Chris Ward brings CSS to life, sharing his years of experience with you face-to-face. Chris guides you through each example, breaking down concepts and letting you see just how easy it is to use CSS to achieve layouts and effects. You’ll broaden your horizons when it comes to maintaining different styles, work with flexible units, and create page layouts that look and feel fresh to everyone who visits them. The course includes crisp, engaging segments on implementing responsive design and understanding floats, certain to get you working better and faster with CSS than you ever thought possible.

Table of Contents detailed table of contents

Cascade, specificity, and inheritance

Introduction to the course

The cascade, origin, and scope

Specificity and order

Inheritance, initial, shorthand properties

Working with relative units

The end of the pixel perfect web

Element relative units: rems and ems

Page relative units: viewport related units

CSS properties

Mastering the box model

Element width

Element height

Element margins

Spacing elements within a container

Making sense of floats

The purpose of floats

Collapsing containers and the clearfix

Block formatting

Grid systems


Introducing flexbox

Flexbox direction

Other flexbox properties


The web layout of the near future

Grid layout with flexbox

Alternative syntaxes

Positioning and stacking

Fixed positioning

Absolute positioning

Relative positioning

Stacking contexts and z-index

Responsive design

Mobile first

Media queries

Fluid layout

Responsive images



Designed for developers with an understanding of HTML, CSS, and web page structure.

What you will learn

  • Understanding cascade, specificity, and inheritance
  • Working with relative units
  • Implementing responsive design
  • Making sense of floats
  • How to efficiently position web elements
  • New layout options such as grid and table
  • Doing more with pure CSS!

About the instructor

Chris Ward is a long-term professional writer and editor on a variety of technical subjects. He is the author of the forthcoming Jump Start Responsive Design, Second Edition from SitePoint, and has produced numerous courses on Android, Swift, and Chrome extensions.

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