Creating a Simple Angular App
Angular for Java Developers, Part 1
Matt Greencroft
  • Course duration: 2h 48m
Fullstack developers often earn higher salaries and have more career opportunities than developers who only specialize in front- or backends. Angular for Java Developers: Part One expands your Java skills by teaching you to build reactive, responsive, functional frontends using the Angular framework. You don’t need any existing knowledge of Angular or JavaScript—everything required to start building stunning frontends is covered in the course. By referencing Java and Java web technology examples, this course makes it quick and easy for Java developers to upgrade their skills to Angular. In the first in a running series of five videos, you’ll learn what Angular is, how to install Angular and set up a development environment, and how to build your first simple application.

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This course was created independently by Angular expert Matt Greencroft and is distributed by Manning through our exclusive liveVideo platform.

About the subject

The Angular framework is used by millions of developers, powering frontends from simple prototypes to Google’s own web apps. Prized for its scalability, Angular also offers lightning fast speed and response times and the chance to reuse code for both web and mobile. Best of all, it can be integrated with backends built in Java.

About the video

Angular for Java Developers is a five-part course that teaches Java programmers how to use Angular and JavaScript to build applications that are maintainable, testable, and secure. In Part One, you’ll get to grips with how Angular works, what an Angular application looks like, and get started by creating your first simple Angular app. The video lays the groundwork for the case study example app you’ll build throughout all five videos, the architecture of Angular applications, as well as creating your own custom components.
Table of Contents detailed table of contents



What is Angular?

How Angular sites differ from traditional web technologies

How angular can create a fast, responsive user experience

What an angular application looks like

Setting up the environment

The software needed to build with Angular

Installing Node.js

Installing the Angular CLI

Testing Angular with a hello world application

Running the hello world application

Configuring the Intellij Idea IDE

Installing and configuring Visual Studio Code

Introducing Angular architecture

An overview of our first example site

What is a component?

index.html and styles.css

Component selectors

The 4 component files

How angular can construct a page

Angular doesn’t assemble the HTML

How to open a project from the sample files

Creating a component

Creating a new project

Running the project

Creating the component with the CLI tool

Editing the Component’s HTML and making it appear

Exercise 1 - creating components

Exercise 1 - solution walkthrough

Template Expressions

An overview of the Component Class structure

Template expressions

Template expressions are dynamic

Simple Event Binding

Event binding

Exercise 2 - event binding

Exercise 2 - solution walkthrough

Component interaction - reading properties

Using the hidden HTML attribute

Accessing properties of a child component

The *ngIf structural directive

Component interaction - property binding

Setting up the scenario

Accessing properties from code

The @Input decorator

Component interaction - event binding

Why we need custom events

Creating an event emitter

Triggering an event

Sending data with events

Revisiting *ngIf and hidden


For viewers with basic Java experience.

What you will learn

  • Part 1 of 5 videos covering Angular frontends for Java applications
  • Building responsive and reactive front-ends with Angular
  • Installing Angular and setting up a development environment
  • Building your first simple application

About the instructor

Matt Greencroft has over twenty years of experience as a programmer, primarily working in the banking sector. Matt now teaches for Virtual Pair Programmers. His specialties are Microservices, Spring Boot, Apache Spark and Kotlin.

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