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Create a Secrets Sharing Application and Client in Go

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In this series of liveProjects, you’ll use the flexible and powerful Go language to develop a web application for sharing secret login details. You fill the role of an infrastructure engineer at Echorand Corp - a growing company in the business of analytics. Infrastructure Engineers at the company are in charge of creating various accounts for employees in the company. They frequently need to share secret credentials within the company, and they do not want the credentials to leave their company network. Hence, during a company hackathon you have taken upon yourself the task of using Go to create a web application and client for secret sharing.

These projects are designed for learning purposes and are not complete, production-ready applications or solutions.

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Project 1 Build a Secrets Sharing Web Application
In this liveProject, you will build a backend-only web app for creating and sharing one-time secrets. You’ll create secrets with HTTP API requests to an application containing plain text, and set up a response system that will contain an ID to share with a recipient. Throughout, you’ll make use of the Go standard library package to implement your web application, handle JSON data, and write tests for your web application.
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Project 2 Create a Custom HTTP Client
In this liveProject, you’ll implement support for storing secrets in a file rather than memory. You’ll use the Go standard library package to encode and decode JSON objects to and from files, while ensuring your code functions correctly when handling concurrent requests. You’ll also learn how to make HTTP requests from your program, and set up a CLI for your app.
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Amit Saha
Amit Saha is a software engineer and author. His published works include the books "Doing Math with Python", "Write Your First Program", technical articles, and research publications. He currently works for Atlassian in Sydney, Australia and has in the past worked for various companies including Red Hat and Sun Microsystems. His website is at


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