Building a Stock-Tracking CLI With Async Streams in Rust

intermediate Rust • cargo and rustc • Visual Studio Code, or a similar editor • Rustup • cross-compiling tools • basic async programming
skills learned
how to use unique features of the Rust ecosystem to write asynchronous code and build cross-platform applications
Claus Matzinger
4 weeks · 5-10 hours per week · INTERMEDIATE
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Future Finance Labs is an exciting new startup that’s aiming to disrupt mortgages. It has a powerful and popular app that offers real-time loans backed by experimental high-yield financial assets. To take the company to its next stage of growth, Future Finance’s CTO has called for improvements in its market-tracking backend to leverage sub-second changes in stock prices. To accomplish this, the company has hired you.

To complete the challenges of this liveProject, you’ll use unique and lesser-known features of the Rust language. Your CTO has laid out the requirements for the minimum viable product, which must quickly process large amounts of stock pricing data, be cross-platform and easy to integrate, and calculate key financial metrics in real-time.
This project is designed for learning purposes and is not a complete, production-ready application or solution.

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project author

Claus Matzinger

Claus Matzinger is a software engineer with more than a decade of experience in a variety of technologies. In his current role at DEX Labs, Claus is a full-time Rustacean in the crypto world. Previously at Microsoft, Claus helped customers solve their biggest challenges by implementing solutions ranging from machine learning pipelines to cloud native architecture for large-scale data processing. His previous books and blog can be found at X5FF.


This liveProject is for intermediate Rust programmers who want to advance their knowledge beyond the basics. To begin this liveProject you will need to be familiar with:

  • Intermediate Rust
  • cargo and Rustc
  • Visual Studio Code, or a similar editor
  • Rustup
  • Cross-compiling tools
  • Basic Async Programming

you will learn

In this liveProject, you’ll learn how to use unique features of the Rust ecosystem to write asynchronous code and build cross-platform applications. The skills you learn can be easily transferred to other large-scale and enterprise Rust development projects.

  • Setting up your Rust workspace and tooling
  • Using cargo to manage dependencies
  • Basic application architecture
  • Rust async and await language features
  • Unit and integration testing in Rust
  • Benchmarking and performance optimization
  • Interoperability across programming language boundaries
  • Data exchange across language boundaries


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