Getting Started with iOS Development

One billion iPhone users are waiting for your app! Unlock Swift’s modern language features and powerful Xcode development with this book and video bundle, and build your toolbox of essential mobile development skills with Swift.

  • iOS Development with Swift This is in eBook format
  • iOS Development with Swift in Motion This is a liveVideo
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iOS Development with Swift

iOS Development with Swift is a hands-on guide to creating iOS apps. It takes you through the experience of building an app—from idea to App Store. After setting up your dev environment, you'll learn the basics by experimenting in Swift playgrounds. Then you'll build a simple app layout, adding features like animations and UI widgets. Along the way, you'll retrieve, format, and display data; interact with the camera and other device features; and touch on cloud and networking basics.

iOS Development with Swift in Motion

See it. Do it. Learn it! If you want to become an iOS pro then mastering the Swift language is a requirement. iOS Development with Swift in Motion locks in the language fundamentals and then offers interesting examples and exercises to build and practice your knowledge and skills.

In this interactive liveVideo course, expert instructor Craig Grummitt brings his 20 years of development experience to you. You'll explore what makes Swift tick, and learn how to use it to build amazing iOS apps as you make your first one: an interactive book tracker with a ratings system, barcode scanner, and more! With fun exercises, informative diagrams, and more, you'll start with a tour of Xcode and the Swift language. Next, you'll dig in deep to essential iOS details such as navigating between scenes, adaptive layout, background tasks, displaying data, storing data. As you work through the modules and build your fully working app from basic idea to completed and ready for the world, you'll top off your learning with a look at debugging techniques, and publishing your app to the app store, all ready to enter the exciting world of iOS development!

This liveVideo is perfect alongside Craig's best-selling book iOS Development with Swift, with each offering unique exercises, examples, and more to get you learning!
$79.98$39.99 Getting Started with iOS Development
Bundles are not eligible for additional discounts.
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