Getting Started with Rust bundle

Rust is an awesome language for safe systems programming. This book and liveVideo bundle gets you started with Rust and teaches you how to take on common systems programming tasks using its unique features. And you'll immediately appreciate the high caliber of instruction from some of the leading voices in the Rust community.

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  • Rust in Action This is in eBook format
  • Rust in Motion This is a liveVideo
$87.98$61.99 Getting Started with Rust bundle
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Rust in Action

Rust in Action is a hands-on guide to systems programming with Rust. Written for inquisitive programmers, it presents real-world use cases that go far beyond syntax and structure. You’ll explore Rust implementations for file manipulation, networking, and kernel-level programming and discover awesome techniques for parallelism and concurrency. Along the way, you’ll master Rust’s unique borrow checker model for memory management without a garbage collector.

Rust in Motion

Rust in Motion is an all-access pass to Rust, brought to you by top authorities on the subject. Carol and Jake’s masterful instruction jumpstarts your learning with a spotlight on what's different and special about Rust! This skilled duo challenges you to dig deeply into the nuts and bolts of variables, primitive data types, functions, control flow constructs, defining enums and structs, and adding behavior to them with methods. You’ll learn memory management via ownership and borrowing, techniques for error handling, lifetime annotations, and other unique Rust concepts. With this liveVideo’s code examples, inspired by real-world scenarios, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running!
$87.98$61.99 Getting Started with Rust bundle
Bundles are not eligible for additional discounts.