Getting Started with Azure

Take the fast route to Azure mastery. Go step-by-step from Azure newbie to advanced data engineering, all in easy-to-follow exercises and projects. Bundle includes Microsoft-recommended material!

  • Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches This is in eBook format
  • Azure Data Engineering This is in eBook format This title is in MEAP
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Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches

Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches teaches you the foundational techniques for writing, deploying, and running cloud-based applications in Azure. In it, you’ll master the basics, including setting up cloud-based virtual machines, deploying web servers, and using hosted data stores. As you work through the book’s 21 carefully planned lessons, you’ll explore big-picture concerns like security, scaling, and automation.You’ll even dabble in Azure’s prebuilt services for machine containers, and serverless computing!

Azure Data Engineering

Azure Data Engineering teaches you to build high-capacity data analytics systems using Azure cloud services for storing, collecting, and analyzing data. In it, seasoned IT professional and author Richard Nuckolls starts you off with an overview of core data engineering tasks and the Azure tools that support them. Then, you’ll dive right into building your analytics system, starting with Data Lake Store for data retention, Azure Event Hubs for high-throughput ingestion, and Stream Analytics for real-time query processing.

For batch scheduling and aggregate data movement, you’ll add Data Factory and Data Lake Analytics, along with SQL Data Warehouse for interactive queries. With Azure Active Directory, you’ll manage security by applying permissions and access roles. And because your design is based on the Lambda architecture, you can be sure it will handle large volumes of data beautifully and with lightning speed!
$75.98$39.99 Getting Started with Azure
Bundles are not eligible for additional discounts.
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