Applied Deep Learning

You can do amazing things with deep learning! In this bundle you'll explore applied deep learning for search, natural language, and game AI.

  • Deep Learning and the Game of Go
  • Natural Language Processing in Action
  • Deep Learning for Search
$131.97$59.99 Applied Deep Learning Bundles are not eligible for additional discounts.

Deep Learning and the Game of Go

Deep Learning and the Game of Go introduces deep learning by teaching you to build a Go-winning bot. As you progress, you’ll apply increasingly complex training techniques and strategies using the Python deep learning library Keras. You’ll enjoy watching your bot master the game of Go, and along the way, you’ll discover how to apply your new deep learning skills to a wide range of other scenarios!

Natural Language Processing in Action

Natural Language Processing in Action is your guide to creating machines that understand human language using the power of Python with its ecosystem of packages dedicated to NLP and AI! You'll start with a mental model of how a computer learns to read and interpret language. Then, you'll discover how to train a Python-based NLP machine to recognize patterns and extract information from text. As you explore the carefully-chosen examples, you'll expand your machine's knowledge and apply it to a range of challenges, from building a search engine that can find documents based on their meaning rather than merely keywords, to training a chatbot that uses deep learning to answer questions and participate in a conversation.

Deep Learning for Search

Deep Learning for Search teaches you how to improve the effectiveness of your search by implementing neural network-based techniques. You'll start with an overview of information retrieval principles, like indexing, searching, and ranking, as well as a fast indoctrination into deep learning. Then, you'll move through in-depth examples as you gain an understanding of how to improve typical search tasks, such as relevance, with the help of Apache Lucene and Deeplearning4j. The book wraps up with a look at advanced problems, like searching through images and translating user queries. By the time you're finished, you'll be ready to build amazing search engines that deliver the results your users need and get better as time goes on!
$131.97$59.99 Applied Deep Learning Bundles are not eligible for additional discounts.
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